Docker–third part–part 19

Trying different  codes in the csproj to add dynamically content from a folder ( including the dll’s copied there ) and to retrieve in the output directory: ( reading from internet of all those stuff)

Version 1:

<!–<Target Name=”ContentsBeforeBuild” AfterTargets=”BeforeBuild”>
<Content Include=”plugins\**” />

Version 2:

<!–<Content Update=”plugins\**\*.dll” CopyToOutputDirectory=”Always” LinkBase=”plugins”>


Version 3:
<!–<Content Update=”$([System.IO.Directory]::GetFiles(‘$(ProjectDir)plugins’, ‘*.*’, SearchOption.AllDirectories))” CopyToOutputDirectory=”PreserveNewest”>–>


Version 4: – works!

<None Remove=”plugins\” />
<Content Include=”plugins\**\*.dll” CopyToOutputDirectory=”Always”/>


Now, I want to make this docker each time that I modify  and show to the end users to test it.

However, this should be not in the same process as running the tests  – the tests should be very fast in order to see problems – the making of release software could take minutes.

Going to and making a new project to deal with this.Creating new project, integrating with GitHub – seamless integration with .NET Core – even created a azure-pipelines.yml for me.

Extra bonus: GitHub actions runs on Ubuntu. I will put Azure to run on Windows. This way, I know that the build of the project works either way

Now, a different error in docker:

Access to the path ‘C:\app\InfoValutar\InfoValutarDOS\obj\InfoValutarDOS.csproj.nuget.dgspec.json’ is denied.

Oh, forgot to put a .dockerignore . First I put where the docker file was –big mistake. Should be put where the folder to be included is!

Now ,a different error in docker

Access to the path ‘C:\app\InfoValutar\InfoValutarWebAPI\InfoValutarWebAPI.xml’ is denied.

Oh, give me a break! Delete the .xml and add later to .gitignore and .dockerignore ( as full path, I do not want to ignore ALL xml files)

I works now!!!!

And one hour passes...
(This is the result of 1 hour per day auto-challenge as a full cycle developer for an exchange rates application)
( You can see the sources at )
2Reading NBR from internet
3Source control and build
4Badge and test
5CI and action
6Artifacts and dotnet try
7Docker with .NET Try
9Intermezzo - Various implementations for programmers
10Intermezzo - similar code - options
11Plugin implementation
12GUI for console
14Plugin in .NET Core 3
15Build and Versioning
16Add swagger
17Docker - first part
18Docker - second part
19Docker - build Azure
20Pipeline send to Docker Hub
21Play with Docker - online
22Run VSCode and Docker
23Deploy Azure
24VSCode see tests and powershell
25Code Coverage
26Database in Azure
27Sql In Memory or Azure
28Azure ConString, RSS
29Middleware for backward compatibility