Deploy .NET Core +SqlServer application to Ubuntu

Tools used:

SSH –  Windows Native

DOS – Windows Native

SSMS – download

FileZilla – download

How I did :

SSH : Install SqlServer:

SSMS: Copy database with SSMS export data

DOS : Windows Compile application for Linux: dotnet publish -r linux-x64

Filezilla: Transfer with FileZilla all files: manual

SSH -Change permission chmod +777 <application name>  – to can execute

SSH –execute:  sudo ./<application name>–urls http://<ip>:8090

Note: Pay attention to Environment Variables on Linux – it did not work . See . It did not work for me with Export.

Maybe it is better to configure as Linux Service, as in



Also, for editing in ssh , sudo nano name.of.the.service

Also, to start , sudo systemctl start name.of.the.service

Also, to start at startup, sudo systemctl enable name.of.the.service