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Entity Framework 6 Record and play use : Making demos ( part 3 of 5)


Let’s assume you want to register a demo for a application ( Desktop or Web).

You do arrange the database and you make some repetition before. However, the database must be re-arranged the next time you will make the demo.

For this case you can use EF 6 Record and play – it will make a .zip file with containing resultsets and you can make indefinitely the repetition of the demo – without the real database.


Let’s see in action here



The code is simple

            #region set record EF
            record = new InterceptionRecordOrPlay(@"", ModeInterception.Play);


Source code is available at

There is also a NuGet package at


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Entity Framework 6 Record and play use : Unit Testing ( part 2 of 5)

Let’s suppose that we have a program that have Departments and Employees.

And we want to make sure that, when we add an employee, the department must exists.

We can ensure this from database ( by foreign key) but we can pro-actively search for the department and throw a more meaningful validation .

More, I like more validation than errors.

So, let’s suppose that in the Validation for the Employee we must check in the database for the IdDepartment to see if there is such a department.

How could we make a test for that runs without a database ?

With some trick:  we first Record with a database  – then we can Play the file – and we do not need anymore the database. The test is self contained. 


Let’s see in action here


            #region set record EF
            var record = new InterceptionRecordOrPlay(@"", ModeInterception.Play);

            var e= new Employee();
            e.ValidateEmployee = true;
            e.IDDepartment = 60000;
            var err= e.Validate(null).ToArray();
            Assert.AreEqual(1, err.Length);

Source code is available at


There is also a NuGet package at

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  17. 16 People On Things They Couldn’t Believe About America Until They Moved Here | Thought Catalog
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Entity Framework 6 Record and play – 1 of 5

Entity Framework Record And Play

With this helper you can record and then play the actions in Entity Framework(>= 6).

For recording actions just reference the dll and use

DbInterception.Add(new InterceptionRecordOrPlay(@"", ModeInterception.Record)); 

(Note: For ASP.NET you will use Server.MapPath("~/a folder that supports write/")

For replay use

DbInterception.Add(new InterceptionRecordOrPlay(@"", ModeInterception.Play));

This can be use for

  1. Unit Testing
  2. Making demos
  3. Recording user actions when a bug occurred


Source code is available at

and has also a test ;-)

There is also a NuGet package at 




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programming tools 2013-2014

Those are the tools that I haved worked with in my previous year.
If you want to know how to utilize them, just ask me ;-) .

1(LocalDB) for sql server 2012programming tool;databasefinally, a deploy fast database filesVisual Studio;generatorassemblyinfo.cs
37-ZiputilitiesCan handle archive files (zip, rar, iso and many others)
4Active Directory Application Mode (XP) sau Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services( windows 7) tools;active directoryreplicating active directory on your PC (
5Active Directory Exploreractive directory;toolsfinding all properties for an Active Directory item
6Advanced Rest Clientbrowser;plugin
7all in one gesturesfirefox addonsclose - open pages fast
8AutoFixtureframework; dataauto generating data
9AutoHotKeyauto completion;tools top 100 * from;
10AutoMapperprogramming toolmapping from database models to ViewModels - to preserve database independence
11azure providersazure toolsazure storage data access
12azure storage explorerazure toolsazure acces demo
13BgInforemoteSeeing data on remote desktops
15chocolateyinstallerinstall different
16Chromebrowser bookmarks
17chrome developer toolschrome addondebugging js code, see html, modifying
18Clean projectdemo;send projects; powershell
19CleanProjectutilities; visual studiocleans bin and zip a project - edit registry to clean NuGet packages
20codeplexprogramming tool;source codesource code version system;just online
21Coding4Fun Kinect Toolkitkinect toolsadditional helper for kinect
22cvsprogramming tool;source codesource code version system;could be installed locally
23datatablesframework;javascripttables on steroids
24dosboxutilities;dosrunning old programs
25Doxywizardhelp generator
26Ef profilerdatabaseInstrumenting entity framework commands and seeing problems
27ef rebinderprogramming toolcomposing expressions
28entity framework 4.xframework;databasedatabase handling POCO
29Exceltools;officesql generator
31fiddlerprogramming toolintercepting http requests
32file zillautilities;ftpupload sites and utilities
33FileHelpersframework;readerRead in various file formats - csv, etc
35Firefox addonsprogramming tool; addonsA collection of firefox addons
36forecastfox weatherfirefox addonsweather
37foxit readerutilitiespdf fast reader
38free commanderutilitiesfile manager - 2 panels
39ghost docaddon visual studiogenerating comments
40githubprogramming tool;source codesource code version system;just online
41github for windowsprogramming tool;accesing git fast
43google chromeutilities;browserhtml viewer ;-)
44html tidychrome addonverify html
45html validatorfirefox addonsvalidate html corectness( first step in design)
46HtmlAgilityPackframework;htmlHtml request as XML
47ieutilities;browserhtml viewer ;-)
48ie developer toosie addondebugging js code, see html, modifying
49IIS 7programming tooldeveloping websites on local - make same as for deployment on serverWindows 7
50IIS SEO Toolkitprogramming tool;iisseo done fast
51imacros for firefoxfirefox addonsautomate testing
52Internetutilities;programming toolprogrammer best fried to search for help; blog posts; knowledge sharing
53Internet Explorerbrowser
54itextsharpframework;pdfmaking pdf files
55javascript date formatjavascriptdate time format
56Jenkinsprogramming tool;continous integrationautomatically run tests
57jqueryframework;javascriptjavascript on steroids
58jquery alpha numericframework;javascriptalpha numeric for textbox
59jquery numericframework;javascriptnumeric for textbox
60jquery uiframework;javascripttab control;dialog;autocomplete;date picker
61jquery watermarkframework;javascriptwatermark for textboxes
62json2framework;javascriptfor old ie
63kinect contribkinect tools;visual studiovisual studio template for kinect
64kinect sdkkinect toolskinect sdk with demo
65kinect toolboxkinect toolsdetection of gestures
66knockoutframework;javascripttemplating on javascript
67leech blockfirefox addonsproductivity - do not look at internet sites( facebook)
68LINQPadtools;code compilerfast compile code; verifying
69log4netframework;logginghelp to log various information; does not been imporved from some time
70lumisoftframework;emailemail reader
72magic diskutilitiesmounting iso
73measure itfirefox addons;chrome addonfind length in the browser ,
74Microsoft Visual Studio Proffesional 2013( +Express)IDEFavorite programming tool
75Moqframework;mockingmocking tool ; testing
76morning coffeefirefox addonsload sites on click
77msbuildprogramming toolproviding actions to deploy autmoatically and many others
78msbuildtaskprogramming tool;buildall kind of task run after build
79mvc5framework;websiteFavorite developping websites framework
80nlogframework;logginghelp to log various information; does not been imporved from some time
81NodeXLgraph;excel;graphML image generator for Excel
82notepad ++utilities;programming tooleditor
83nugetaddon visual studioAll kind of frameworks for vs
84NuGetcomponents finder
85Office mobile 
86OfficeOpenXMLPart4reference; officeMarkupLanguageReference  for Office XML.(Excel, word)
87one notenotesregister + sharing notes
88onedrivesharing documents document
89OpenELEC-RPi.arm-3.2.4.imgrapsberry piloading OS on Rapsberry PI
91page speed insightchrome addonmeasure web site performance
93PNGGauntlettools;image;compressoptimizing image
94PowerCommandsaddon visual studiotransform tt templates per project
95productivity power toolsaddon visual studiocommand prompt, may others
96psrprogramming tool;helpgenerating helpWindows 7
97Qlick Sense Desktopvisualizerfast loading and display data
98RazorframeworkMVC simple write mixed code server /html
99razor code generatormvc;addon visual studioput MVC views in a dll
100Regulator and Regulazyhelpersregular expression helpers
101resharpertools;visual studiovisual studio best
102resolution testchrome addontest in broser for different resolutions
103Sandcastle Help File Builderhelp generator
104Save_playlist_in_order_to_mp3_player_V3_2utilities;winamp addonsave playlist
105select2javascriptdropdown list on steroids( ajax infinite completing…)
106seleniumfast testing htmltesting html easy
107send to kindlechrome addonread later various pages
108skypeutilities;communicationvoice and video sharing
109smtp4devframework;smtplocal email server;helps seeing messages;
110sql search from RedGatesql server manager addonsearch text in columns names and stored proc content
111sql serverprogramming tool;databaseExpress version free; database
112sql server compactprogramming tool;databasefinally, a deploy fast database
113Sql Server Management Studioprograms;IDEDatabase diagram support
114sql server managerutilities;databaseExpress version free; database management
115string templateframeworkgenerating codes from data and visualization; razor avant la letter; coulkd generate excel XML
116structure mapprogramming tooldependency injection - code for testing
117svnprogramming tool;source codesource code version system;could be installed locally
118sysinternals explorer;blue screen;
119T4MVCprogramming tool;mvcgenerating MVC names
120table pressblogthis post was made with table press( and some modifs)
121tfsprogramming tool;source codesource code version system;could be installed locally
122tfs power toolsprogramming tool; source codeintegration with explorer
123tiny mceframework;javascripthtml editor
124tortoise svnprogramming tool;source codeintegration with explorer
125TroyGoode-PagedListframeworkMVC provider for simple paging
126trx2htmlutilities; visual studiotest results to html
127VersInfoExassemblydescription; tools
128Visual Studioprograms;IDE
129vlc media playerutilitiesvideo player
130VS testgenerating data for .load testgenerating code for test ; could modify; database generated id's
131web developerfirefox addonsinvestigate site html + css + js + …
132Web Essentialsaddon visual studioJIT debugging for HTML - no refresh required
133winamputilitiesmusic player
134windows live writerutilities;bloggingblog made easy from desktop
135winmergeprogramming tooldifference files /folders ( versions from source code)
137wordpressblogthis blog
139xml notepadxml;tools;arranging
140xunitframework;testingtesting programs; VS independent
141Yahoo emailemails;internet
142yahoo messengerutilities; communicationvoice and video sharing
143yahoo slowfirefox addons;chrome addonmeasure web site performance,
144zip sharpframework;zipmaking zip files
145ZoomItpresentations;toolszoom and draw for presentations

If you want more explanations about those tools, I am ready to help you. Please contact me at . I was a teacher – so I can explain easy the programming aspects.
If you have used others, please propose in comments.

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