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MVC planning poker–delete round – part 8

Stefan Petrini make a final test, DeleteRound ( with subcases for Moderator and for non-Moderator deleting a table)

bool DeleteNotModeratorSuccess = true;
                td.Table.DeleteRound(td.Table.Id + "NotModerator".GetHashCode(), "Round2");//Attempting to delete a round without being a Moderator
            catch (PPSecurityExceptionModerator)
                DeleteNotModeratorSuccess = false;

For now the application has 20 tests – all without data persistance ( all is in memory)
It is time to add a saving to database in order to persist data.

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MVC planning poker–part 7

The latest 2 cases are

Use Case 5: Round reset
Moderator enters a round name (?) .
Participants choose a value.
Host press "reset round " and a fresh new round is created
The old one is not saved

Use Case 6: Round save
After a round is saved, the users can see the history round names and picked value
They can see also a total


There is not so more implementation – just save in the memory  a list and retrieve.

Next time we will be thinking about persistence – how this affect the structure of the application

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[Post Event] Global Azure Bootcamp , Bucuresti, April 26, 2015

The 3rd edition of Global Azure Bootcamp finished with success in Bucuresti. We had a day dedicated to Azure

API for Azure with Dragos Barbu

Microsoft Azure Mobile Services introduction : Data, authentication and push notifications with Julian Atanasoaie

Open table: Verticals in programming: logging with Andrei Ignat , Radu Iovescu and all of you

Pictures and presentations:

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MVC planning poker–part 6

The complete case 4 is:

Use Case 4: Estimation saved
Moderator enters a round name (?) .
Participants choose a value.
When all participants have choosen the value, the cards are shown
The cards with  high estimates and low estimates are highlighted
Host press "create new estimation" and create new estimation
The old estimation is saved in history

For now it is the moment to do estimation and save in the memory.

The code is

            public void EstimationSaved()
                var td = createdTable();
                var rd = td.Table.StartRound("first");
                rd.AddCardChoice(1, newParticipantName1);
                rd.AddCardChoice(Card.NotSure, newParticipantName2);
                rd.AddCardChoice(3, newParticipantName3);

                var est=rd.ParticipantChoices(newParticipantName1).ToArray();
                Assert.AreEqual(1, est.Last());

                est = rd.ParticipantChoices(newParticipantName2).ToArray();
                Assert.AreEqual(Card.NotSure, est.First());
                Assert.AreEqual(3, est.Last());

                est = rd.ParticipantChoices(newParticipantName3).ToArray();
                Assert.AreEqual(3, est.First());
                Assert.AreEqual(Card.WithoutChoice, est.Last());


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