Country Tag Helper–part 5

Now the Country Tag Helper supports .NET Standard 2.0 . This means that support .NET Core 2.0 .

Also, I have made a NuGET package in order to install on every .NET Core 2.0 application with explanations: 

The only trouble here was to add references and make documentation in VS2017 about package ( see )

As I said , the source is at GitHub and demo at

What remains to be done:

add select2 with image flags   

provider / dependency injection for FromIP / wiki on github

Country Tag Helper–part 4


Now I want to see somewhere in order to prove it Ii s right. I choose because it is free – and can not beat free for free source.

I made github integration and modify the .csproj file accordingly to 

The result is at 

Also , I have to modify the code source to get the ip of the user :

string GetUserIP(ViewContext vc)
            StringValues headerFwd;
            if (ViewContext.HttpContext?.Request?.Headers?.TryGetValue("X-Forwarded-For", out headerFwd) ?? false)
                string rawValues = headerFwd.ToString();
                if (!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(rawValues))
                    return rawValues.Split(',')[0];

            return ViewContext.HttpContext?.Connection?.RemoteIpAddress?.ToString();


where ViewContext is

        public ViewContext ViewContext { get; set; }