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Friday links 226

  1. Top 15 Underutilized Features of .NET
  2. Top 15 Underutilized Features of .NET Part 2
  3. Louis Davidson : Getting the difference between two sets of like data
  4. App-vNext/Polly: Polly is a .NET 3.5 / 4.0 / 4.5 / PCL library that allows developers to express transient exception handling policies such as Retry, Retry Forever, Wait and Retry or Circuit Breaker in a fluent manner.
  5. dbelmont/ExpressionBuilder
  6. Youtube Downloader in One Easy Class – CodeProject
  7. Career Guide for the New Developer
  8. Harvard psychologist Amy Cuddy says people judge you on 2 criteria – Business Insider
  9. StructureMap – Supported Lifecycles
  10. Jquery Ajax Request and MVC detailed « A Programmer with Microsoft tools
  11. Friendly, Readable Expression Trees
  12. 18F — Software maintenance is an anti-pattern
  13. Getting Started with Bower – Treehouse Blog
  14. NuGet Package of the Week: ASP.NET Web API Caching with CacheCow and CacheOutput – Scott Hanselman
  15. Less Than Dot – Blog – MVVM Validation with KnockoutJS – Don’t put it in the View/HTML
  16. WEIRD – RationalWiki
  17. C# 7 Feature Proposal: Local Functions – Bill Wagner
  18. Dubai is set to unveil spectacular floating apartments with underwater rooms
  19. Software has bugs. This is normal. — Signal v. Noise — Medium
  20.    Visual Studio: How to create a solution template with multiple projects – Jayway
  21. Avoiding the Service Locator Pattern in ASP.NET Core
  22. Service Locator is an Anti-Pattern
  23. Service Locator violates SOLID
  24. Service Locator violates encapsulation
  25. Service Locator: roles vs. mechanics
  26. Suremaker/LightBDD: Lightweight Behavior Driven Development test framework
  27. John L. Miller’s answer to Google: How does Google provide so much online storage for Youtube videos? – Quora
  28. John L. Miller’s answer to What is the best way to read software documentation? – Quora

    Friday links 223

    1. Testing With a Fake DbContext |
    2. {Dev}School Program – ING Romania
    3. Getting Started Guide | Visa Developer
    4. BitomatiQE_ContinuousIntegration #30 Console [Jenkins]
    5. kzu/NuDoq: A standalone API to read .NET XML documentation files and optionally augment it with reflection information.
    6. daattali/beautiful-jekyll: Build a beautiful and simple website in literally minutes. Demo at
    7. ES6 Arrow Functions: The New Fat & Concise Syntax in JavaScript
    8. ExportData
    9. "Let’s Encrypt" Azure Web Apps the Free and Easy Way | GoorooThink Tech News | Articles | Skills Analytics | Gooroo
    10. Momentum – Chrome Web Store
    11. Writing Tests doesn’t have to be extra work – Evangelism – Blog
    12. Development With A Dot – Encoded JavaScript in ASP.NET MVC Core
    13. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Status Code Registry
    14. Write code that is easy to delete, not easy to… — programming is terrible
    15. jstedfast/MailKit: A cross-platform .NET library for IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.
    16. Capitalism Promotes Equality | Foundation for Economic Education
    17. 100 Insanely Interesting People You Should Know — Unmistakable Creative — Medium
    18. Windowing Functions: Tell me when that changes. – SQLServerCentral
    19. 10 Tips for Mobile Photography
    20. Tutorial: Server Broadcast with SignalR 2 | The ASP.NET Site
    21. Nick Craver – Stack Overflow: The Architecture – 2016 Edition
    22. Oracle JET – Data Visualizations
    23. How Just Opening an MS Word Doc Can Hijack Every File On Your System

    Friday links 221

    1. Don’t tell me what my browser can’t do! | Christian Heilmann
    3. Microsoft invests in new and expanded version of ‘Minecraft’ for the classroom, opens public preview of Learning Tools for OneNote – The Official Microsoft Blog
    4. OmarElabd/ObjectExporter: Object Exporter lets you export out an object while debugging in Visual Studio, the object can be serialized in either C#, JSON or XML. 
    6. VeST Redux – Specification-driven development – SerialSeb
    7. How to customize your Search Profile in Google | Dean Hume
    8. Create a really, really simple offline page using Service Workers | Dean Hume
    9. Paging in ASP.NET Web API – Spencer Schneidenbach Spencer Schneidenbach
    10. Spencer Schneidenbach – Software Engineer for .NET and web. Problem solver. Business nerd. Spencer Schneidenbach
    12. Time Zone Abbreviations – Worldwide List
    13. Optimize Your Email: 25 Apps to Perfect Your Subject, Body, Tone and More
    17. Static vs. dynamic languages: a literature review
    18. Microsoft Garage
    19. Errata Security: How not to be a better programmer
    20. Demos of open web technologies | MDN
    21. Programming Sucks
    22. Export with Angular · Issue #19 · ignatandrei/Exporter
    23. The SQL Server 2016 Query Store: Accessing Query Store Information Using DMVs
    24. PostSharp extension
    25. export-for-trello/xlsx.js at master · llad/export-for-trello
    26. stephen-hardy/DOCX.js