How To … Put a new project on codeplex in 10 steps

Step 1 : Have a project, compile to binary(exe, dll or other)  and found a name for it ( for us is disk2vhd )

Step 2 : Goto , register(or sign in) , then click on “Create project” . There you will put the name of the project (disk2vhd for us) and a description for it. You will be redirected to the page of the project.

Step 3:  For putting the source code , you must download the Codeplex Client from  – click on download. Unzip the file , if necessary.

Step 4: (optional) put the folder cpc.exe in your path

Step 5 : Go to the project folder and run the following commands

                              cpc co <projectname> 

                              cpc add <folder name> /e

                              cpc add <file name>

                              cpc commit /m “<your comment>”

             Now verify that in the source code for your project on codeplex ( for me it is ) you have at least one change set.

Step 6: Ensure that the people that want to try your project can have the binary sources without problems .

Go to downloads , click new release (for me it was ) and put the name and description.

Also put the development status , show to public and recomended release to stable, yes and yes.


Click Save.

Step 7 : Choose a license .

Step 8 : Edit the description of you project

Step 9 : Publish your project (see the link in the first line of the web page)

Step 10 : You’re done! Congratulations!