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TILT- React Material UI and Navigation–part 29

I wanted some good looking on the site – so I choose

It does not have ready made navigation like in Angular – so I need to make on myself. Fortunately , it has the all the things that one need:

  1. Media Query:

  2. App Bar:

The final code looks like that

const theme = useTheme();
const isMobile = useMediaQuery(theme.breakpoints.down("md"));
const [userWantshowLeftMenu, showLeftMenu] = useState(false);
const showMenu= (event: React.MouseEvent<HTMLElement>) =>{
  showLeftMenu((prevState)=> !prevState )

Created MenuLeft components to show menu left

Created PublicTilts component to show the main page

The GUI in React:

  <AppBar position="static">
            { isMobile && 
              sx={{ mr: 2 }}
              <MenuIcon />              
            <Typography variant="h6" component="div" sx={{ flexGrow: 1 }}>
            <Button color="inherit">Login </Button>
      {!isMobile || userWantshowLeftMenu ? (<span style={{float:"left"}}><MenuLeft /></span>):("")}
      <span style={{float:"left"}}><PublicTilts /></span>

Lessons Learned:

  1. It is better to write components and again components in React. If not , you will be overflow by the amount of GUI

  2. React does not know how to display a boolean . Use this


  1. It is somehow more difficult to make the React events in TypeScript rather than in JavaScript.

TILT- Angular2React–part 28

I was thinking to learn React – and transform the Angular site to React.

The steps that I took are the folllowing:

  1. Learn React from – and learning that React is a library, not a framework

  2. Learn useEffect, useState with Hooks – very easy

  3. Learn that React can have a TypeScript template – it will make harder to develop, but in the end it is safer.

Lesson Learned:

1.The typescript classes are the same – so can be translated from Angular to React

  1. The Observables are the same, with a difference: HttpClient does not exists. So we pass from HttpClient to Ajax

In Angular:

return ajax.get<string>(this.baseUrl+`PublicTILTs/CountTILTs/${id}/count`,options)

In React

  1. Environment.ts is modified to .env.local and .env.production

In Angular

export const environment = {
  production: true,
  url: '',  

As a usage ,

import { environment } from 'src/environments/environment';

In React


As a usage

  1. UseEffect can give infinite loops

If you use set from hooks in useEffect, can give infinite loops. See very important below.

      var publicService= new PublicTiltsService();
      var x= publicService.getUrls().subscribe(data=>{
        data.forEach( it=>{
              console.log("obtaining ", a );            
              addTilts((prevState:publicTilt[])=>  [...prevState, a] );
      return ()=> x.unsubscribe();
    },[]);//very important!
  1. Do not forget about setting PUBLIC_URL .

  2. In development, if you investigate Developer Tools it is better refresh the page ( in angular it is auto refreshed)


Now to see how to handle FrontEnd routing ( From Backend it is simple – just transfer to index.html and React will handle it )

The long established in React world seems to be . There is a new kid , – that uses hooks. However, the documentation says:

This project is not and will not be written in typescript.

So back to the old react router.

To register you need:

  1. Some routes
<Route path="/" element={<PublicTilts />} />
<Route path="/public/:id" element={<OnePublicTiltComponent />} />
{/* <Route path="*" element={<NotFound />} /> */}
  1. And intercept
function OnePublicTiltComponent() : JSX.Element{

    let { id } = useParams();

However, when I look to Angular and React, the code in React ( with Hooks) seems more clean and usable. Just the render and the functions.

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