Jira automation

Any JIRA project has automation – a way to intercept what’s happening inside JIRA and add behaviour. Yes, eventually Blockly Automation will be the same – but for now is just function. JIRA automation is for events that occurs inside.

Being a TD ,I have defined several automation

1. Want to see the worklog as comment ? 

: Work logged then Comment on issue

I have added a worklog with {{worklog.comment}}

The problem is that it does not allow to find the name of the person that adds the worklog

2. I want to see what items are opened  -to see what are the people tasks ( good for Kanban more than Sprint)

scheduled event => find in progress
stat =’Progress’ order by assignee (bulk)

then send email

      <li>  {{url}}{{assignee.displayName}} </li>

3. See the if the people comment / log work

It is a collaboration to 2  automation:

first,  event when Comment then modify field  xxx to now

second , schedule find  field >=  startOfDay(-24h )

Send an email 
with latest comments