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[ADCES]Tracing Microservices with Activity & Connecting Azure App Service to a local DB

Tomorrow , 11 august, 19:00 , ADCES will make another free event about Tracing Microservices with Activity & Connecting Azure App Service to a local DB .


Presentation 1 : Activity , OpenTelemetry and Jaeger for tracing microservices
Presenter: Andrei Ignat,
A practical demo about tracing for multiple microservices with .NET Core Activity , OpenTelemetry and Jaeger.
Presentation 2 : Securing the connection between the Azure App Service and an on-premise database
Presenter: Dragos Barbu ,
Description: I’ll show you how you can secure the connection between Microsoft Azure App Service and an on-premise hosted database. I will also present how the Azure App Service can be accessed only by the company employees in a secure way as if it were inside the company



.NET Core HealthChecks si Migrarea aplicatiilor .NET ( clasic + core) in Azure

Prezentare 1: ASP.NET Core HealtCheck
Descriere : Monitorizare usoara a unui ecosistem ( PC, Drive , SqlServer, Jenkins, altele ) si adaugarea de HealthCheck custom la cerere.
Prezentator: Andrei Ignat,
Prezentare 2: Migrare .NET in Azure
Migrarea aplicațiilor ASP.NET cu .NET Framework 3.5/4
Migrarea aplicațiilor ASP:NET Core
Prezentator: Dragos Barbu ,


Online event :




Presentation at:

Code at

[ADCES] 11 febr 2020 , Docker for Developers & How to debug in production a memory leak in .NETCORE3.1


Docker for Developers & How to debug in production a memory leak in .NETCORE3.1


The meeting is at 19:00 and can be found here:

Docker for Developers & How to debug in production a memory leak in .NETCORE3.1

Tuesday, Feb 11, 2020, 7:00 PM

EY Romania
Bulevardul Ion Mihalache 15-17 București, RO

40 Members Attending

Presentation 1: Title: Docker for Developers Presenter: Andrei Ignat, Description: The old mode of downloading and installing software ( SqlServer, Mongo, Rabbit, even frameworks as Angular and .NET Core) will be soon of the past memory. If you want to join the new wave , see how Docker can easy your work as a …

Check out this Meetup →

[ADCES] Today, 19:00, Akka.NET and SqlServer 2019

Today, 19:00, Akka.NET and SqlServer 2019

Presentation 1: Building Event-Driven Applications with Akka.NET
Presenter: Emilian Balanescu,

Akka.NET is an open-source toolkit that simplifies the construction of concurrent and distributed applications. In this presentation you’ll learn about the actor model and event-sourcing concepts that enables you to build highly concurrent, fault-tolerant and event-driven applications. We’ll start by describing what is an actor and then we’ll continue with some practical techniques for actors’ design, messaging patterns, organization of actors’ hierarchies and we’ll also have a look on how to implement event-sourcing with persistence actors and replicate events to materialize views of data. Finally, to demonstrate the practical application of those concepts we’ll review a money transfer demo application.

Presentation 2: What’s new in SqlServer 2019
Presenter: Bogdan Sahlean,

Description: Bogdan will present:

Query Processing
In-Memory Database

Presentation .NET Core3 Wha’s New

From the presentation:

C# 8.0 What’s new



  1. Default Interface Inheritance

  2. Multiple Interface Inheritance
  3. Switch
  4. Deconstruct

Other demos:

  1. UsingUsage

  2. StaticLocalFunctions();
  3. Nullable();
  4. Version();
  5. Indexes();
  6. NullCoalescing();

.NET Core What’s new



  1. AsyncEnumerable

  2. WPF
  3. COM
  4. Build ( trim, single file)
  5. Diamond hell with plugins

See NetCore3WhatsNew.sln and AssemblyLoadingUnloadingDiamond.sln

ASP.NET Core What’s new


  1. Blazor + Blazor Server

  2. gRPC –
  3. SignalR – reconnection, authorization

  4. NewtonSoft => System.Text.JSON
  5. Windows Authentication has been extended onto Linux and macOS.
  6. GenericHost – see
  7. As of ASP.NET Core 3.0, .NET Framework is no longer a supported target framework

EF Core What’s new


  1. Refactoring + Single SQL statement per LINQ query

  2. Restricted client evaluation – i.e. Explicit AsEnumerable
  3. C# 8.0 support – AsAsyncEnumerable
  4. IDbCommandInterceptor

See NetCore3WhatsNew.sln , AsyncEnumerable


The video whole presentation ( in Romanian) you can find  at 

The demo is at

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