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Vintage Development part 2 si RX

Pe   13 septembrie 2022, ora 19:30 ,  va fi un nou meetup ADCES despre

“Vintage Development part 2 si RX”


Prezentare 1:
Vintage development part 2 – VB6.0, Classic ASP, Windows NT Server, Visual SourceSafe
Prezentator: Julian Atanasoae,

Prezentare 2:
Reactive Extensions in .NET si JavaScript cu multe exemple in Angular
Prezentator: Andrei Ignat,
Descriere: In cadrul prezentarii o sa fie

  1. o introducere in Reactive Extensions

  2. citeva exemple despre ce inseamna Observables si cum se combina ele
  3. Va arata citeva exemple practice despre cum va ajuta Reactive Extensions sa programati mai usor call-urile de API
  4. Site-uri utile ( unul in Azure ) unde puteti incerca marbles

Va astept aici:  , 13 septembrie 2022, ora 19:30

[ADCES]Introducere in React si Analiza DeadLock in SqlServer

Prezentare 1:
Titlu: Introducere in REACT
Prezentator: Alexandru Badita,
Cum pot crea o pagina rapid (ce unelte am la
Cum pot crea un formular (validari pe formular) si
alte unelte ce pot fi integrate cu react.
Mfe (Micro front ends) cum se pot crea cu React
arhitectura de proiect

Prezentare 2:
Titlu: Analiza blocajelor de tip deadlock in SqlServer
Prezentator: Bogdan Sahlean ,
Descriere: Reading and analyzing deadlocks xml graph events.

Reading all deadlocks graph events from following sources:
Extended events files (including system health)
Extended events ring buffer
Trace file
Trace table
Event Notifications

Direct link:

[ADCES] 14 iunie 2022, ora 19:30 – ASM + GM

Pe   14 iunie 2022, ora 19:30 ,  va fi un nou meetup ADCES despre

“OldSchool – Programare in ASM si Win3.11” & “De la programator la Group Manager”


Prezentare 1: OldSchool – Programare in ASM si Win3.11
Descriere; Pregatiti-va (sau amintiti-va ) de cum se facea programarea in Windows 3.11 in ASM
Prezentator: MIhai Florescu,
Prezentare 2: De la programator la Group Manager, trecind prin Scrum Master
Descriere: Evolutie ? / involutie ? / istoria unui parcurs neterminat
Prezentator: Alexandru Voicu,
Va astept aici
Sau direct la

[ADCES]–WebAPI and Flutter

Tomorrow is another ADCES meetup  –

InteractingWithWebAPI & A day with Flutter shoes

Prezentare 1 : InteractingWithWebAPI , Andrei Ignat,

Descriere: Cum interactionam cu WebAPI astfel incit sa putem sa facem un demo pentru FrontEnd developer

Prezentare 2 : A day with Flutter shoes , Alex Bordei,

Waiting for you at

[ADCES]: SnowFlake and Microservices

Azi , la 19:30, va astept la o noua editie ADCES

Presentation 1:
Title Our journey to a Cloud data warehouse in Snowflake

Once with exploding data volumes and increasing no. of users, traditional on-premise data warehouse Appliances are reaching their limits at some point and can’t be extended in processing power. When facing these limitations, our natural choice was to move to a Cloud data warehouse. We decided to Go with Snowflake, one of the trendiest technologies in Silicon Valley. Join me in this session to learn from our experience of moving progressively to Snowflake in order to offer a predictable performance and improved user experience for our business users. We’ll discuss about Snowflake core architecture and some of the coolest features, but also some current limitations. Looking forward to meeting you!

Bogdan Curca is a techno – functional IT professional with experience on ERP and Business Intelligence systems at Ubisoft Romania. During the last 13 years, he has been implementing data pipelines, data warehouse and reporting solutions, while having a strong focus to understanding the business needs and trying to deliver systems that are actually used as a decisional support. Three years ago he moved towards a management career path, but kept a strong focus on the technological ecosystem around data engineering.

Presentation 2:
Open Table about Microservices vs Monolyth

Evenimentul e aici:

[ADCES]Work flow core VS Elsa in a real life orchestration scenario & RSCG -examples

Presentation 1: Work flow core VS Elsa in a real life orchestration scenario
Presenter : Radu Iovescu ,
Description : TBD

Presentation 2: Roslyn Source Code Generators with examples
Presenter: Ignat Andrei,
Description: Roslyn Source Code Generators is a way to write programs that write programs at compile time Andrei will show you how to write one . Also, he will make demos about existing ones that maya help you write less code and be more efficient.


[ADCES] How to Fail Big at Being a Tech Lead & GPU programming using CUDA


Prezentare 1: How to Fail Big at Being a Tech Lead
Prezentatori: Bogdan Sucaciu ,
Mihaela-Roxana Ghidersa,
Although leadership skills have been analyzed for so long, there is something in the way we choose and raise our technical leads that defy all laws. We often think that the brightest and most creative person in the team will eventually become a technical lead, which actually happens in most cases. The exciting part, though, the process of becoming a technical lead starts when we actually take over the role. What seemed to be a gratification for excellent results can become a long list of failures if you don’t really, really prepare for the challenge. Luckily we can learn from each other’s mistakes, so join us to touch some hot spots in the technical leadership journey.

Prezentare 2 : GPU programming using CUDA
Prezentator: Ciprian Apetrei , Ubisoft ,
Descriere: In the last few years GPU programming usage has gone beyond just games but writing GPU algorithms is still regarded as a more esoteric pursuit because it requires knowledge about parallel algorithms. We will try to go through some simple code examples that illustrate the mentality difference between parallel and synchronous programming and explain some ways to optimize the code and avoid some pitfalls that affect performance.


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