Poor software developer simple changelog for CD

TL;DR; : Simple change log for Nuget Packages made with GIT Commands and Azure Devops

The NetCoreBlockly project have different versions on Nuget: https://www.nuget.org/packages/NetCore2Blockly/  . When I decide to put a new version on Nuget, it is enough to modify in the azure-pipelines.yml the

deployNuget: ‘0’

from 0 to 1 and AzureDevOps takes care of the rest ( including setting the version )

But I need also a changelog – something to show what is different between different versions .  If you want to do it properly, read https://keepachangelog.com/ and then find on some tool that enforces it ( for example, https://github.com/bzumhagen/dotnet-gitchanges  or https://www.npmjs.com/search?q=keywords:changelog )

For me, I wanted something simple, that generates the change log from the title of the commits . So this is my workflow

  1. Deploy the  nuget package
  2. Copy  the version from NuGet . In this case , 1.1.2020.13325959 ( the last number is trotal seconds from the stat of the year)
  3. Make modifications to come back to normal
    1. Tag the latest modif twith the version from NuGet
    2. Modify from 0 to 1 in azure-pipelines.yml
    3. Run the command  git log –pretty=format:”%n #### [%s] %n Author %an on %ai %n%n hash %h %H” 1.1.2020.12824981..1.1.2020.13325959 > a.txt
    4. Modify changelog.md with the results from a.txt
    5. Delete the a.txt file
    6. Commit/push to github

You can see the results at https://github.com/ignatandrei/NETCoreBlockly/blob/master/changelog.md