Windows terminal + Powershell to run IDE, Angular, .NET Core

I work at – and every time I need to run Angular , Visual Studio Code IDE and .NET Core run ( and Visual Studio  sometimes  – it is more web based)

Also, sometimes I need to run in a container – to install globally something that I do not want to have in my PC.

So  I have 1 windows terminal command to run those :

First one

wt new-tab   –title RootSource –suppressApplicationTitle -p “Windows PowerShell” -d . cmd /k “cd src && code . && powershell” ;split-pane  –title Angular –suppressApplicationTitle -V -p “Windows PowerShell” -d . cmd /k “cd src &&  npm run start –watch && powershell” ;split-pane  –title LocalAPI_NetCore –suppressApplicationTitle -V -p “Windows PowerShell” -d . cmd /k “cd src/Local/LocalAPI/LocalAPI && dotnet watch run”

As you see , I have

code .

to run VSCode,

npm run start –watch

to run Angular and

dotnet watch run

to run dotnet.

Second one:

wt new-tab -p “Windows PowerShell” -d . ;split-pane -p “Windows PowerShell” -d . cmd /k “cd src && devcontainer open .”

The second it just works with devcontainer  – if you are interested in sources, see 

With those, I can start my developer environment fast ( how fast, that depends on my PC)