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Covid Data–more enhancements to GUI–and Post Mortem–part 6

Once we have all data from the backend  set , it is a matter of time to have more display options. For example, I have added % of the current day vs previous day. Also a display into table . .


Post Mortem

  • Is  better to grab data from the source , if possible
  • Is  better to have a CI / CD in place, with the source control
  • GitHub uses are tremendous –  hosting sites that do not need a backed, store data as database, running integrations, seeing how many users see your app
  • I do regret some choices that were imposed by the API and I pay now.  A month of programming can save 1 day of architecture
  • I am not so proud about how it looks the code. I just have written, without thinking at nothing but the GUI. So in some parts is cluttered
  • The project can go on and on , adding more display ( see  if you want to participate)

Covid Data – making the application – part 4

Now I need an application. The first version was a simple html file with Data Tables ( ). You can find at . It is a simple table with search / filter and sorting.

The next , with help from Bogdan we have  started an Angular application , deployed at within the docs folder :

For Angular the only thing that gives me problems were the charts :  . I used the . It is very flexible and doing all that I have wanted. The only problem : it retains previous graphic. I have to manually clear the canvas before rendering again the chart.

if (this.lineChart1) {



You can find the charts at

Covid Data–transforming – part 3

I figured out that from data ( .md files and .js files) I need to have a proper data to be processed by the application. Since the application will be a static web app, the easy way is to be a generated js file to be imported into the application.

1.   MD to js

So now I must figure a way to transforme .md files into .js files. I was having dreams about Stankins , but it is not yet ready. So Js to the rescue. You can find the .js file here:

It reads  the folders files

var folders = [“Country”,”Entertainment”,”FreeSoftware”, “Kids”,”Learn”,”MapsAndData”,”NotParsed”];


for (let folder of folders) {

const directoryPath = path.join(__dirname + “/..”, folder);

const list = await rra.list(directoryPath);

then parses a file( e.g. )  with a lexer

const tokens = marked.lexer(fileContents);

for(let iToken=0;iToken<tokens.length;iToken++){

and writes to a file


2. Importing  Country data  for Covid

Now I need every data for Covid. I figure out the the only one that have the data is . However , the data is not always in the same form.

Again, because t Stankins is not yet ready, I recurse to TypeScript. It is better that JS for me – it keeps tracking the errors that you may have . You can find the file at

Some pain points :

or there are not always countries – see const NotCountry where  “Diamond Princess” and “MS Zaandam” are countries ( there are cruise ships)

  • I should verify if there is always data for this day, if it exists for the previous ( yes, I know, Covid will eventually disappear or not be registered otherwise than influenza –but, for the moment ,it is ok) :  see async function Verify in
  • I have had problems finding a CSV parser to TypeScript – I have found papaparse

3. Importing other data

I need to have the country population for each country, to display the relative percentage of the people . For this, I have the data from – but how to import into already existing data ?

Simple: Import data into Excel. Make a case instruction with each country, iterate via countries, ( find discrepancies in names – use alternate names for this) and put the property as js , save the file. See


Covid Data- making a database–part 2

First, I need to understand how to store the data. For the resources , I was thinking to have a simple way for the people to edit data and to add resources ( yes, I know – I am counting too much on the kindness of people)

So I figure out the a .md file will be enough clear to do it. As an example, see :

or , in the raw form, 

For the data about how many cases of covid are, I was thinking about JSON – see

Now , about having  the data updated :

For the resources, it is enough to someone to edit the .md file and make a pull request.

For the data about Covid per country, it will be presented later in the CI / CD deployment

Covid Data–part 1

In this days of Covid I needed 2 things:

  1. Put somewhere the list of free resources
  2. Gather the data about Covid from different countries, in order to understand the evolution of the disease

Because I am a programmer the easy way to have a database is on GitHub  – and I figure that with the docs folder I can have a static site .

You can find the free resources here :

And you can find the situation here:

How I constructed the site-  in the next posts.

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