Covid Data–more enhancements to GUI–and Post Mortem–part 6

Once we have all data from the backend  set , it is a matter of time to have more display options. For example, I have added % of the current day vs previous day. Also a display into table . .


Post Mortem

  • Is  better to grab data from the source , if possible
  • Is  better to have a CI / CD in place, with the source control
  • GitHub uses are tremendous –  hosting sites that do not need a backed, store data as database, running integrations, seeing how many users see your app
  • I do regret some choices that were imposed by the API and I pay now.  A month of programming can save 1 day of architecture
  • I am not so proud about how it looks the code. I just have written, without thinking at nothing but the GUI. So in some parts is cluttered
  • The project can go on and on , adding more display ( see  if you want to participate)