Now to see how to handle FrontEnd routing ( From Backend it is simple – just transfer to index.html and React will handle it )

The long established in React world seems to be https://github.com/remix-run/react-router . There is a new kid , https://github.com/Paratron/hookrouter – that uses hooks. However, the documentation says:

This project is not and will not be written in typescript.

So back to the old react router.

To register you need:

  1. Some routes
<Route path="/" element={<PublicTilts />} />
<Route path="/public/:id" element={<OnePublicTiltComponent />} />
{/* <Route path="*" element={<NotFound />} /> */}
  1. And intercept
function OnePublicTiltComponent() : JSX.Element{

    let { id } = useParams();

However, when I look to Angular and React, the code in React ( with Hooks) seems more clean and usable. Just the render and the functions.