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Country Tag Helper – part 3

Adding empty item – easy peasy. Just append "<option selected style=’display: none’ value=”></option>";


if (ASPCountryEmpty)
                    string empty = "<option selected style='display: none' value=''></option>";

For getting the IP, I was trying to balance the 2 variants: downloading GeoIP database ( or calling .

I do call – and the next point is to use Dependency Injection … or a provider to do that.

For the moment, the code is:

 private async Task<string> GetCountryCodeFromIP(string ip)
            //ip= "";
            var url = ""+ip;
            var request = WebRequest.Create(url);
            request.Method = "GET";
            using (var wr = await request.GetResponseAsync())
                using (var receiveStream = wr.GetResponseStream())
                    using (var reader = new StreamReader(receiveStream, Encoding.UTF8))
                        string content = reader.ReadToEnd();
                        return content.Split(',')[1];


CountryTagHelper–part 2

Finally, I have arrived at functionality. I said that I want something like

<select asp-country="true" asp-country-selected="US" >


The functionality is very easy to be added:

The entire class is :

using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Razor.TagHelpers;
using Microsoft.Extensions.Localization;
using System;
using System.Linq;
using System.Reflection;
using System.Threading.Tasks;

namespace CTHWeb.Controllers
    [HtmlTargetElement("select", Attributes = ASPCountryAttributeName)]
    public class CountryTagHelper:TagHelper
        private const string ASPCountryAttributeName = "asp-country";
        private const string ASPCountrySelectedAttributeName = "asp-country-selected";

        public bool ASPCountry { get; set; }

        public string ASPCountrySelected{ get; set; }

        static string[] CountryISO;
        //static PropertyInfo[] properties;
        static CountryTagHelper()
            var t =typeof( ResCTH);
            var properties= t.GetProperties(
                BindingFlags.Public |
                BindingFlags.Static |
            CountryISO = properties
                .Select(it => it.Name)
        public override Task ProcessAsync(TagHelperContext context, TagHelperOutput output)
            if (ASPCountry)
                bool existSelected = !string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(ASPCountrySelected);
                string option = "<option value='{0}' {2}>{1}</option>";
                foreach (var item in CountryISO)
                    string selected = "";
                    string localizedName = ResCTH.ResourceManager.GetString(item);
                    if (existSelected)
                        bool currentItem = string.Equals(item, ASPCountrySelected, StringComparison.CurrentCultureIgnoreCase);
                        currentItem = currentItem || string.Equals(localizedName, ASPCountrySelected, StringComparison.CurrentCultureIgnoreCase);
                        if (currentItem)
                            selected = "selected";
                    output.Content.AppendFormat(option, item, localizedName,selected);
            return base.ProcessAsync(context, output);


The important thing is that it works with other html attributes, like

<select asp-country="true" asp-country-selected="US" disabled=”disabled”>


What it remains to be done:

  1. from IP – recognize the country of the visitor from IP
  2. localized – display messages in other language
  3. first item empty – now it selects Andorra
  4. Add select2 with image flags
  5. NuGet package
  6. / wiki on github
  7. tests

Country tag helper–part 1


What I want to do is to create a Country Tag Helper for core.

Something like

<select asp-country=”true”

and then list all countries in this select. More, it should be localized ( Germany vs Allemagne). That means 1 or more resource files 


First I need initial data: The WorldBank API gives us the names and I have made a project that inspects that API.

To retrieve data in resource format , it is simple:

 var r = new CountriesRepository();
            var arr = r.GetCountries().Result.
                Select(it =>
                $"<data name = \"{it.iso2Code}\" xml:space=\"preserve\" >" +

                $"<value>{}</value>" +
            var s = string.Join(Environment.NewLine, arr);
            File.WriteAllText(@"D:\c.txt", s);


Then we could copy paste into resources:

 <data name = "AW" xml:space="preserve" ><value>Aruba</value></data>
  <data name = "AF" xml:space="preserve" ><value>Afghanistan</value></data>
  <data name = "AO" xml:space="preserve" ><value>Angola</value></data>


Now I want to make a list of those names – so I need this code to translate between C# generated code from resource

public static string AD {
            get {
                return ResourceManager.GetString("AD", resourceCulture);
public static string AE {
            get {
                return ResourceManager.GetString("AE", resourceCulture);


and a list of names to be put into select.

Reflection to the rescue:

  var t =typeof( ResCTH);
            properties= t.GetProperties(
                BindingFlags.Public |
                BindingFlags.Static |
            CountryISO = properties
                .Select(it => it.Name)


The code is on github and I will improve next time.

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    Making any call to a function of an object thread safe



    I was wondering how to modify old code to support threads /task .

    So I was making a small project about making any function of an object thread safe.

    NuGet Package at :

    The solution contain tests and 2 console project for .NET Core and .NET Framework 4.5.1

    The usage is pretty easy

    Let’s say you have this

    Calculation c = new Calculation();

    And you want


    to be thread safe

    In the Package Manager Console write:

    Install-Package ThreadSafeObject

    Then modify your code to:

    Calculation c = new Calculation();
    dynamic ts = new ThreadSafe(c);

    It is a toy project- however, it has tests to prove it is correct.

    You can download the code source from