Docker environment for Angular–part 42

Trying the alpine container from . It does not work – the error was that it cannot mount the binding folder . I figure that it was a Docker issue, .

Then I had a problem with “ tarball data for @angular/compiler@8.2.14 seems to be corrupted” – delete package.json for this.

This is the result 

  1. in folder .devcontainer : A DockerFileAng file that have a new line, RUN npm install -g @angular/cli
  2. in folder .devcontainer : A devcontainer.json file that have “appPort”: [4200], “postCreateCommand”: “npm i && echo ‘you should run npm start'”,
  3. Modified package.json, “start”: “ng serve –host”, – in order to publish the port.


Now I can open from VSCode with Remote Extension  – and use there without installing on my PC anything but VSCode + Docker + Remote Extension

You can find the sources at