Docker–second part–part 18

Now , I must replace all with powershell files. Some problem  – if I build twice, it says : resource already exists. So I need to add



Now pushing to GitHub

and see if it works. No, error on .sln build.

ObjectNotFound: (/home/runner/work/I\u2026nfoValutar/plugins”

Apparently, it is a Unicode character ?

Try to save as ASCII file. Waiting for GitHub action to do it’s magic.

Same Error – now putting some messages with echo to see what is there

echo “args 0 ”  $args[0]
echo “args 1 ” $args[1]
$a= Get-Location
echo $a
echo now copy

Now waiting for GitHub actions to display – it does NOT show the console from powershell, just the error!

Putting in After Build to copy the plugins.

Same error. Looking very, very attentive to the command , I see now. Can you see ?

pwsh $(ProjectDir)preBuild.ps1 “”$(RepoRoot)plugins\”  “$(TargetDir)”

Apparently, pwsh from Windows is more forgetful than the Linux one… ( or it is not the same ? Maybe because I have powershell on my PC ?)

Now ( after deleting double double quotes) shows also the powershell messages!

Now I can make docker!

And the first problem arises. When building the .sln , it copies to the output folder the plugins. But not when publish the csproj.

Try with –no-build when publish and adding


to the .csproj

Now, dotnet publish does not copy the plugins  – I should copy by hand ?

So – figure that I do not copy to the final output – but direct to the project.

1. I should copy there in the build event of the project – modify the arguments to have copy in the plugins folder

2. I should include in the .csproj any new plugins:

<Content Include=”plugins\**”>

Error duplicate items  – found it was

<Content Update=”plugins\**” CopyToOutputDirectory=”PreserveNewest”>

3. Do not include in GitHub – already done – plugins folder is not included

Now trying to execute in swagger to give list of plugins / banks => internal server error

Trying to publish without single file => give empty list /banks. Let’s see  -but next time

And one hour passes...
(This is the result of 1 hour per day auto-challenge as a full cycle developer for an exchange rates application)
( You can see the sources at )
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3Source control and build
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11Plugin implementation
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