Repairing the build and versioning–part 15

Now , after copy the plugins, the build is not working.

Thnking about the build events, I realize that to find same copy command on Linux and Windows is difficult – so Windows it is.

( and, BTW , In LInux the macro $(SolutionDir ) does not work use  repoRoot


Switch windows-latest on 

Now tests are failing – repairing the tests.

I realize that I cannot build just the csproj – the solution sln knows the order in which to build the projects- but the .csproj does not. So now building the sln and then publish

Now giving error in Github, but not on local. More, there was a not repeatable . I figured was because of the parallel builds so this is the final line

dotnet build –configuration Release InfoValutar/InfoValutar.sln /m:1

Now it works!

The only programming thing that I have done is to add versioning , . I do tend to say that the URL is a Unique Identifier – so I want the versioning be part of the URL.

As advised by

I added the pacakage Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Versioning and


and on the controller

[ApiVersion( “1.0” )]


and now I can access


And one hour passes...
(This is the result of 1 hour per day auto-challenge as a full cycle developer for an exchange rates application)
( You can see the sources at )
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