BingoMeetings-documentation-part 23

Bingo is a small project, written in TypeScript , and developed with Alexandru Badita in launch break (one hour - more or less). You can find sources at . Those are my blog posts for Bingo : ( scroll below for the post)
1Create meeting
2Create Tests
3Finalize Create meeting
4Sharing meeting
5Keep Score
6Add obsolete
7Finalizing obsolete
8End meeting
9Dockerize tests
10Azure CI tests
11Yarn workspaces
13Intermezzo - CLI improvements
14typescript compile run with node
15NestJS ,swagger and create a meeting
16Finalizing API
17Intermezzo - jest vs jasmine error
18Refactor WebAPI and test service
19Heroku Deploy NestJs
21Deploy Angular to GitHub
22WebAPI and Web
24Documentation of the code

(Now the actual blog post for Bingo Meetings project)

Not so much here – just is the most time consuming part. You should imagine for who you are writing ( technical / user ?), what are his interests ( installing application / running the project ) and how to convey information.

Here we will write for the persons that wants to install the project , run it and modify the source code.

First , documentation for installing the project and run it.

You can read what I have done at

Do not forget that you are writing for 2 kind of OS : Windows and Linux ( Mac also, but I do not have a Mac)

So the installation part is composed of something like

For running the project in a console way, goto dockerize folder and run


( for Linux, please go to dockerize folder and

chmod +777 ./bingo_cli.bat



This can ( and should) be improved over time, as need arrives. Also, if we want to be on standards, we should look at Community Standards ( : Description, License,ReadMe done. Contributing, Issue Templates and Pull Request template – too much for a single developer….