Bingo for meetings–obsolete–re-reading requirements- part 7


Bingo is a small project, written in TypeScript , and developed with Alexandru Badita in launch break (one hour - more or less). You can find sources at . Those are my blog posts for Bingo : ( scroll below for the post)
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4Sharing meeting
5Keep Score
6Add obsolete
7Finalizing obsolete
8End meeting
9Dockerize tests
10Azure CI tests
11Yarn workspaces
13Intermezzo - CLI improvements
14typescript compile run with node
15NestJS ,swagger and create a meeting
16Finalizing API
17Intermezzo - jest vs jasmine error
18Refactor WebAPI and test service
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22WebAPI and Web
24Documentation of the code

Last time we have to implement the requirement:

Meeting Obsolete:
The meeting is available for 35 minutes. After that, meeting is not available anymore.

We did so for the 35 minutes. But we did not for the last sentence – meeting is not available anymore. There are 2 points here: of design ( do not retrieve meeting ) and enforcing that no participant can write to the meeting.

So we modify the functions   AddParticipant, CheckCardByParticipant  to raise an exception if the meeting is obsolete .( As a side effect of identifying the functions that make actions in the opposite of functions that just reports, I think about structuring code in CQRS form )

Now for TypeScript we have 2 options :

  1. Construct a class that inherits from Error
  2. Modify the response type of those function to a combined type of result and error

For the first one , we should take care of TypeScript syntax of creating errors: See  and

class CustomError extends Error {

constructor(message?: string) {


// ‘Error’ breaks prototype chain here

Object.setPrototypeOf(this,; // restore prototype chain



For the second , we could do ourselves or use a npm package such as

I decide to go to the second. I have too many times use the first thing in C# – it is time to have something new. Anyway, this is the code now

    import { ok, err, Result } from 'neverthrow';
    public CheckCardByParticipant(c: Cards , p:Participant): Result<Meeting,Error>{
        //TODO: verify participant is added first or add
        //TODO: verify card is added first
            return err(new Error(`cannot check card to the obsolete meeting ${this.Id}`));
        return ok(this);
    public AddParticipant(p:Participant ): Result<number,Error>{
            return err(new Error(`cannot add participant to the obsolete meeting ${this.Id}`));

        return ok(this.Participants.length);

and those are the tests

        const mf=new MeetingsFactory();

        const m1=mf.CreateMeeting("andrei","first meeting");
        const now =;
        const spy = jest.spyOn(Date,'now');
          console.log('calling DateTime Now');
          return now + 36 * 60* 1000;
        } );
        const p=new Participant();
        p.Name ="alexandru";
        const res= m1.AddParticipant(p);