Bingo for meetings–finalizing API for web–part 16


Bingo is a small project, written in TypeScript , and developed with Alexandru Badita in launch break (one hour - more or less). You can find sources at . Those are my blog posts for Bingo : ( scroll below for the post)
1Create meeting
2Create Tests
3Finalize Create meeting
4Sharing meeting
5Keep Score
6Add obsolete
7Finalizing obsolete
8End meeting
9Dockerize tests
10Azure CI tests
11Yarn workspaces
13Intermezzo - CLI improvements
14typescript compile run with node
15NestJS ,swagger and create a meeting
16Finalizing API
17Intermezzo - jest vs jasmine error
18Refactor WebAPI and test service
19Heroku Deploy NestJs
21Deploy Angular to GitHub
22WebAPI and Web
24Documentation of the code

The API that we want to create is

  1. create meeting
  2. add participant
  3. check cards
  4. see result meeting(

Those API’s  were simpler for the console application, because of the single participant involved.

There are also some technical problems and some architectural ones.

Let’s start with technical: nestjs suggest ( as per sample project with contacts) to add a route like:

    async addParticipant(@Param('id') id: any, @Body() nameParticipant: string): Promise<Meeting> {
        // console.log(`userName : ${JSON.stringify(cm.userName)}  meetingName: ${JSON.stringify(cm.meetingName)}`);
        return this.meetingsService.AddParticipant(id, nameParticipant);

However , this is not available to be tested via Swagger – so we modify to

export class AddParticipant {
  meetingId: any;
  nameParticipant: string;
    async addParticipant(@Body() addParticipant: AddParticipant): Promise<Meeting> {
        // console.log(`userName : ${JSON.stringify(cm.userName)}  meetingName: ${JSON.stringify(cm.meetingName)}`);
        return this.meetingsService.AddParticipant(addParticipant.meetingId, addParticipant.nameParticipant);

Also, when we handle in the meeting service the CheckCard we discover to be missing something for the original DDD model . For example, we need a FindCard and FindParticipantAfterName .

public checkCard(idMeeting: any, idCard: number, nameParticipant:string ): Meeting{
        const m = this.meetings.find(it => it.Id === idMeeting );
        // TODO: throw if meeting is null
        const c = m.FindCard(idCard);
        // TODO: throw if card is null
        const p = m.FindParticipantAfterName(nameParticipant);
        // TODO: throw if participant is null

        m.CheckCardByParticipant(c, p);
        return m;


For the architectural ones:

  1. The service that we just created should be tested and put into the right project. It could belong to the bingo-meeting-objects.
  2. The controller has some classes that should be tested. However, the classes involving in the @Body have   swagger attributes, so they cannot be moved into bingo-meeting-objects .
export class AddParticipant {
//bingo-meeting-objects  should not have reference to swagger properties
  meetingId: any;
  nameParticipant: string;

Download the actual code from