Bingo for meetings–typescript making exe console–part 14


Bingo is a small project, written in TypeScript , and developed with Alexandru Badita in launch break (one hour - more or less). You can find sources at . Those are my blog posts for Bingo : ( scroll below for the post)
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Now it is the moment to have our first executable release– console application. First, we want to see if the js obtain by compilation of ts run under node ( it runs under  ts-node index.ts , but it runs under node.js ? ). And we see that , when I run node index.js it gives error “ could not find bingo-meeting-object/MeetingFactory”.

It is clear that, even if yean workspaces works well with node and typescript, the final result, index.js , is not prepared to run under node. Solving the problem is about compiling typescript with project references  . The documentation is at  , and a sample project can be found at

It is composed by

1. having a tsconfig.json with


“compilerOptions”: {

“target”: “es5”,

“module”: “commonjs”,

“declaration”: true,

“declarationMap”: true,

“sourceMap”: true,

“strict”: false,

“composite”: true,

“esModuleInterop”: true



and extending in tsconfig.json

“extends”: “../tsconfig.settings.json”,

2. Compiling the projects with

tsc -b .

3. Creating index.ts with all classes exports

export * from “./MeetingsFactory”;

export * from “./Meeting”;

export * from “./Cards”;

export * from “./Participant”;

And now we can execute index.js with node index.jsinto

That means also the referenced projects are compiled into node_modules. That means that will not run without it.


We want now to create a console executable for the console project. That means something that compiles everything into an exe  – no matter windows , linux , or macos

We use for that

In the package.json of the console project we put

“build” : “pkg dist/index.js -c package.json”
In the root package.json we put
“scripts”: {
“test”: “cd bingo-meeting-objects-test && yarn test”,
“runConsole”: “cd bingo-meeting-console && yarn start”,
“buildConsole”:”yarn build && cd bingo-meeting-console && yarn build”,
“build”:”tsc -b .”
and yarn buildConsole will build than pkg into windows + linux + macos ( no matter that the windows has 108 MB 😉 )
Also we create a build_console.bat batch and docker_build_console.txt in order to automatically build the console
The docker is simple
FROM node:8
COPY . ./
RUN yarn
RUN yarn buildConsole
CMD tail -f /dev/null
The batch just runs the docker and copy files
docker build .. -f docker_build_console.txt -t bingo_build_console
docker run -d –rm –name bingo_build_console_container bingo_build_console
docker cp bingo_build_console_container:/app/bingo-meeting-console/bingo-meeting-console-win.exe .
docker cp bingo_build_console_container:/app/bingo-meeting-console/bingo-meeting-console-linux .
docker cp bingo_build_console_container:/app/bingo-meeting-console/bingo-meeting-console-macos .
docker container kill bingo_build_console_container
After this, we put into the yaml file to be copied as artifacts