SideCarCLI- console to dot net tool

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3Refactor specifications and code
4Create Release
5Finish interceptors
6Send part of command to interceptors
7Line Interceptors
8Finish process after some time
9Documetation Diagram
10Technical Summary
11Create dotnet tool
( Description : SideCar for CLI applications. Interceptors for Line, Finish, Timer . See Code )

To create a .NET Tool, please read first 

Of course , all the  nuget additional formats for csproj apply: read . Of course, the easy way to in Visual Studio to right click the project, properties, Package.

This is the final xml from .csproj:

     <Authors>Andrei Ignat</Authors>
     <Description>A SideCar for Command Line Applications. Read . Code source at</Description>
     <PackageTags>SideCarCLI;Side Car; Command Line</PackageTags>
     <PackageReleaseNotes>First version. Read</PackageReleaseNotes>


You can create the project with

dotnet pack


Now go to and upload the project.

You can find the final result at  and you can install it

And this concludes the work for .