SideCarCLI–looking at past and at future

Summary links SideCarCLI

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3Refactor specifications and code
4Create Release
5Finish interceptors
6Send part of command to interceptors
7Line Interceptors
8Finish process after some time
9Documetation Diagram
10Technical Summary
11Create dotnet tool
( Description : SideCar for CLI applications. Interceptors for Line, Finish, Timer . See Code )

It was interesting to develop the project for command line same as for cloud design pattern, .

The problem were more about

  1. architecture
  2. organizing features to be easy understandable
  3. , testing the application
  4. writing about


rather than  technical, about how to make the application.

Other , it was a pretty simple project , that can be useful in  CI / CD operations.

It remains :

Make a dot net tool –

Compiling as Windows and Linux

Make documentation with use case –

Make Tests