SideCarCLI- finish interceptors

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3Refactor specifications and code
4Create Release
5Finish interceptors
6Send part of command to interceptors
7Line Interceptors
8Finish process after some time
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( Description : SideCar for CLI applications. Interceptors for Line, Finish, Timer . See Code )

The idea for FinishInterceptors is very simple – when the initial  process, StartApp , is finished –then run some other programs . And here comes some decisions:

  1. Pass the ExitCode of the StartApp ? ( YES)
  2. Pass the output lines of text of the StartApp ? ( NO  – could be enormous )
  3. What to do if the StartApp has not finished in time ? ( Do nothing – we need the exit code)
  4. Wait for FinishInterceptors to finish ? If yes, how much time ? ( yes )


Same problems for TimerInterceptors and for LineInterceptors.

But, I think, the best way is to draw a diagram for that.

In the meantime, the project is already WIP