Create and running tests- part 4


This is a part of the series where about how I made the WebAPI2CLI - Execute ASP.NET Core WebAPI from Command Line
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I have made a TestWebSite , in .NET Core 3.1, I was also thinking that WebApplicationFactory exists and tutorial like   it will be easy to test the site.

However, I have found the hard way that is not a real server : it does not have the adresses / ports open. Read .

So I have made a hack – see public class LocalServerFactory in the source code.

Also, WithWebHostBuilder helps create a new WebApplicationFactory  -used to test with / or without /  CLI_ENABLED command line


Second point was testing methods like

configuration.GetValue<int?>(“CLI_HELP”, null);

Because it is an extension function, I cannot mock. So I refactored the code to

public bool ShouldShowHelp()
//deleted for easy of automating testing
//var showHelp = configuration.GetValue<int?>(“CLI_HELP”, null);
var cliHelp = configuration[“CLI_HELP”];
var showHelp = int.TryParse(cliHelp, out var val) && val == 1;
return showHelp;

Also, I have resorted to XBehave, to have tests written in easy form. And to Moq to mock various properties.