New side project- WebAPI To CLI–part 1


This is a part of the series where about how I made the WebAPI2CLI - Execute ASP.NET Core WebAPI from Command Line
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1WebAPI2CLI - Description
2WebAPI2CLI- Organization
3WebAPI2CLI - implementing
4WebAPI2CLI - tests
5WebAPI2CLI - Devops and CI/CD
6WebAPI2CLI - documentation
7WebAPI2CLI - Conclusions
8WebAPI2CLI - Zip application

I have had an idea; What if the WebAPI application can be called from the console application itself  ?

This will permit just having the DI running  – and all the stuff that WebAPI can work with when calling a controller.

Will be good in a CI / CD workflow – testing the full API instead of relying to test just the dll ( Yes, I know about skinny controllers )

And will be good in Jenkins / any other tool / in order to execute directly the WebAPI instead of recurring to curl / powershell


So – seems to have a good piece of software to start – how we do this ?

First, how all the commands should be passed ? If we pass via command line, there is pretty much possible for someone to miss things.

Second , if the user does not pass via command line, the WebAPI should work as usual.

So , 5 days and 88 commits later , this is the result: .

It has the documentation about how to install and use it. Enjoy !