Browser history–part 5–conclusions

This is the part 5 of 5 of my implementing of a MVC Browser history

MVC browser history – idea

Browser history –2 – implementing, small bugs

Browser history 3–trying to Nuget – modifications in order to can be transformed from an application to a component

Browser history 4–NuGet again -  finally Nuget deployment

Browser history–part 5–conclusions  – conclusions



I have reached the (partial) final for my MVC Browser History .  It has started as a simple application – and now it is a NuGet component ready to be used and a demo project at app harbour

What can do for you as a MVC programmer :

  • The component can be integrated in any MVC application easily (via NuGet)
  • you will have a page that displays the list of links that are part of the project and the top 5(configurable) accessed pages
  • You can have this filtered per user basis – or per administrator( small changes in the controller action)
  • It can save the history in memory or in sql server database( configurable in History page, ) or you can make your saving data by implementing  IBrowserUserHistoryRepository

    You can see in action at app harbour

    If you use, please send me an email.

    If you worry about code source, you can find at github . If you want to improve, feel free to participate Winking smile