Browser history 4–NuGet again

This is the part 4 of 5 of my implementing of a MVC Browser history

MVC browser history – idea

Browser history –2 – implementing, small bugs

Browser history 3–trying to Nuget – modifications in order to can be transformed from an application to a component

Browser history 4–NuGet again – finally Nuget deployment

Browser history–part 5–conclusions – conclusions

Prior to Nuget, I think that will be better if the user of my app could play with sql server or memory implementation. So the new GUI is here:



But how could I show to the user where it is saved? Easy – to the history page



And now I can make the NuGet Package .

In order to can download a controller and not overwrite the Home controller, I must create a controller of its own – so make a modification : History Controller

Now adding dependencies, fighting with NuGet Explorer,

In the first test  StructureMap dll reference missing and the Views folder was in the wrong place.

In the second test , I discovered that I was missing adding the following essential lines

filters.Add(new BrowserHistory.Models.BrowserUserHistoryFilter());
ObjectFactory.Configure(ce => ce.For<IBrowserUserHistoryRepository>().Use<BrowserUserHistoryRepositoryMemory>());


So I began reading how to add to global.asax at nuget package installing time – and coming with this:

Adding code,testing -  another 15 minutes.

Adding readme.txt – in order to explain what have I done and how to use it – another 30 minutes.

Now it is ready to be used by you.

If you want to test it, you can see in action at
Detailed history of creating project at
Source code at


Next time will do a summary of what I have done in order to build this simple utility project.