Book – Console 2 SAAS

I have a passion to read – also a passion to teach . And to reach others, what is best than a book ?

The idea of the book is how to pass from a Console application to a SAAS application –  with clear examples in .NET .

I have written the book with the help of Daniel Tila.

I will quote from the introduction of the book , because it is comprehensive:


This book will guide you step-by-step to build a scalable product from a proof of concept to production-ready SAAS. Any development done will start from a business need: this will make things clear for the team what is the impact of the delivery.

You will see different architecture patterns for separation of concerns and why some of them fit well and some of them not. Everything will happen incrementally and the product development history will be easy to be seen by analyzing commits.

Every chapter is a progressive journey with some specific challenges that will be overcome by specific programming best practices.

This can be considered as a .NET tutorial, that demonstrates the versatility of the platform to create different types of applications (CLI, Desktop & Website).


All examples in the book are in .NET Core

The book is free to download and read . What you can do:

  1. Download the book from 
  2. Contribute to the book by modifying and submit a PR ( see We have already a contributor, Daniel Costea,
  3. Buy the book from Amazon , if you want to support me : 

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Download the book for free from
Buy the book from Amazon , if you want to support me :
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