Covid Data -CI/ CD–part 5

Now I need that every data ( either from the github .md file, either gathered from ) be updated into the site.

Github Actions to the rescue!

I have created 2 different workflows : one for gathering the data from the , the other for compiling the .md files and the Angular app. Thinking more, I should have had the Angular compiled into another workflow that was called after each one – but this is more AzureDevOps , than GitHub Actions.

1. Workflow for .md and for Angular

You can find the source at . It uses a Docker file to compile the Angular: and a Docker batch to run the docker file and gather the results :

Uses all the previous js and TypeScript files to transform and load data. Copies the data into the docs folder ( to be public available ) and then commits the data back to Github

It is run on both push at a cron job





– cron: ‘5 4 * * *’

2. Workflow for gather last country data for Covid

You can find the source at .It uses also a Docker file to compile data and run 

And a docker compile file to gather the data from docker.

Also the workflow commits data to github.  It is run at a cron job:



– cron: ‘5 2 * * *’