Docker for Developers crash course

Who is addressed to

This tutorial is aimed to programmers that what to automate the infrastructure surrounding their application. It will contain practical examples of how to improve your application with Docker infrastructure.

The class will be taken by Andrei Ignat, former C# MVP for 6 years, moderator and OpenSource contributor( you can find his AspNetCoreImageTagHelper mentioned on ). More details at his blog at .

What it contains

Day 1 –Docker basics

Docker starters

– images

– containers


Docker for Databases – SqlServer, Mongo

Docker for messaging – RabbitMq

Docker for Applications – .NET Core, Angular

Docker CLI commands

Docker File

Docker-Compose File and CLI for orchestration

Day 2 –Docker

Docker for CI / CD

– automated reproducible building

– automated reproducible testing

Visual Studio Code and Docker

Architecture of Applications with Docker