Crash Course on Angular

Who is addressed to

This tutorial is aimed to HTML/Javascript/CSS programmers with at least 6 months experience. This will help them to build application with Angular.

The class will be taken by Andrei Ignat, C# MVP for 6 years, moderator and OpenSource contributor( you can find his AspNetCoreImageTagHelper mentioned on ). More details at his blog at .

What it contains

Day 1 – start Angular

You will learn the basics of Angular ( Components , Observables, TypeScript )

We will make together the code of Tour of Heroes Application –  official Angular application.

You will be helped if need arises with the code , questions and more.


Day 2  – Angular advanced

Observables , marbles and RxJS

Http Interceptors

Passing data via components – services

GUI – Pipes, Forms,

Saving/Reading  data to/from backend -with .NET Core

Deploy – environments