[ADCES] Today, 19:30, Javascript

Today at 19:30 , https://www.meetup.com/Bucharest-A-D-C-E-S-Meetup/events/264063501/


Prezentarea 1:
Titlu : ECMAScript 6,7,8
Prezentator: Ciprian Chichirita, http://slides.com/ciprian-chichirita
Descriere : JavaScript – Prezentare funcționalități noi
Prezentarea 2
Titlu: Make code easier to read with Functional Programming
Prezentator: Cristi Salcescu, https://medium.com/@cristiansalcescu
Descriere: The basic toolbox for list operations includes filter(), map() and reduce() methods.
Point-free is a technique that improves readability by eliminating the unnecessary arguments.
Pure functions are easier to understand.
Functions with intention-revealing names are easier to read.

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