Modern Web + Desktop + Mobile Applications .NET Core with Angular class


Who is addressed to

This tutorial is aimed to C# programmers with at least 6 months experience. Also , they should  have at least 6 months experience with HTML / CSS / Javascript . This will help them how to build applications with the .NET Core framework and a front end framework ( Angular)

The class will be taken by Andrei Ignat, former C# MVP for 6 years, moderator and OpenSource contributor( you can find his AspNetCoreImageTagHelper mentioned on ). More details at his blog at .

What it contains

Day 1: Angular 8 introduction

1. What you need

2. Angular component

3. TypeScript basics

4. Observables


6. Routing

Day 2: .NET Core WebAPI introduction

1. What you need

2. WebAPI basics

3. Documentation ( swagger / open API )

4. SignalR with Observables

5. Generating from Database

6. Testing

Day 3 : Creating Web / Desktop / Mobile Application

1. What you need

2. Gluing Day 2 and Day 3

3. Web Application with .NET Core and Angular

4. Desktop Application with .NET Core and Electron

5. Mobile Application with Cordova

What to expect

After completing this course, you will be able to create Web/Desktop/Mobile application by applying the structure described above