.TT files and logging

This post is a continuation of http://msprogrammer.serviciipeweb.ro/2012/07/09/tt-files/

In this post I will present a simple method to have logging methods that are called – and, if you want , you can log the values of parameters too!

Let’s say you have this code in the GUI project


and you want to log the SaveNew method – maybe to see in how much time it is executed, or to see how many times is called or simply log the method.

I will use Convention over Configuration. I will log every method that begins with _On . So I will transform the

public static void SaveNew (Employee emp)


public static void _OnSaveNew(Employee emp)

Then the classLogging.tt file will intercept the _On method and add this

public static void SaveNew (Employee emp)
									System.Console.WriteLine(" before void _OnSaveNew (Employee emp)") ;
									catch(System.Exception ex)
										System.Console.WriteLine(" exception in void _OnSaveNew (Employee emp) " + ex.Message); 
										System.Console.WriteLine(" after void _OnSaveNew (Employee emp)  " ); 

( you can add anything you like it – since the code is in .tt file )

So the output will be:


The code can be downloaded from here
and the interesting part is classLogging.tt from TT_Repository project.

Enjoy the .tt!