.TT files

I want to make a blog series about what you can do with .tt files. I do not mean now what cen be generated from edmx( I have blogged about that at





I will start from a .tt template that will be analyzing a class( the ViewModel in MVC terms ) and then, starting from this template, I will generate:

  1. Loading the class from config file( web / app)
  2. Generating resx files for translating
  3. Generating help / tooltip
  4. Generating logging for all methods ( with an _On convention)
  5. Generating shallow copy for the class, saving the properties and an Interface ( usually  good for DI / Ioc)
  6. Generating

I expect your suggestions too. What do you have iteratively do in your development( MVC Winking smile ) more than one time for each ViewModel ( Model) class ?

( this is the .tt file)