Visual Studio Macro – copy from old code

I have a class ( not under my control) and I want to make a shallow copy of his properties.
I was tired to wrote this

newObject.Prop1= this.Prop1;
newObject.Prop2= this.Prop2;

And I have not want to use reflection or expression trees (

So I have made a fast Visual Studio Macro

Public Module TextRelated

    Public Sub CopyOld()
        Dim t As TextSelection = DTE.ActiveDocument.Selection
        Dim text As String = t.Text
        Dim str As String = "newObject." + text + " = this." + text + ";"

        modClipboard.ClipboardText = str

    End Sub
End Module

So the work was only to
1. wrote the property
2. click a button

The only part that was difficult was how to put into the clipboard -see the

Simple, but efficient – Enjoy!