friday links 16

  1. Real World: Startup Lifecycle of a Windows Azure Role
  2. Utilizing the Power of Startup Tasks in Your Windows Azure Web Role | Windows Azure Customer Advisory Team (CAT)
  3. Android Development: Do You Know Your Options? » BuildMobile
  4. Fluqi – Ease using jQuery UI with ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC
  5. SquishIt – The Friendly ASP.NET JavaScript and CSS Squisher | CodeThinked
  6. – test how fast a webpage loads in a real browser from over 50 locations worldwide
  7. 35 Highly Advanced Yet Simple To Use jQuery Plugins | Free and Useful Online Resources for Designers and Developers
  8. gMap – Google Maps Plugin For jQuery | Download
  9. FullCalendar – Full-sized Calendar jQuery Plugin
  10. 8 Powerful WordPress Plugins You Probably Don’t Use But Should | Free and Useful Online Resources for Designers and Developers
  11. 10 Completely Free Wireframing and Mockup Tools
  12. Scale of the Universe 2012 –
  13. LayeringPrinciples
  14. svenM: Access the clipboard from a visual studio macro
  15. Using Async for File Access – C# Frequently Asked Questions – Site Home – MSDN Blogs
  16. Microsoft Key Tools and Resources for Microsoft Developers – Developers, Developers Developers – Site Home – MSDN Blogs
  17. Visual Studio 2010 UML Design Pattern Toolbox Items Extension – Microsoft Visual Studio UK Team – Site Home – MSDN Blogs
  18. What is Microdata?
  19. What are Microformats?
  20. ASP.NET MVC DropDownList, MultiSelect and jQuery – Ricka on MVC and related Web Technologies – Site Home – MSDN Blogs
  21. LosTechies | Se Habla Code
  22. Lean Startup: Look Before You Leap — Visual Studio Magazine
  23. Talking to Customers: What a Concept — Visual Studio Magazine
  24. 4 ways to do Mail Merge using Google Apps Script – Google Apps Developer Blog
  25. GUI Architectures
  26. The Build Your Own CAB Series Table of Contents | Jeremy D. Miller
  27. Romcyber | ScrapySharp in english :)
  28. What Level Programmer Are You?
  29. What are your favorite Nuget MVC packages »
  30. Jang a server-side/client-side view engine for MVC and javascript »
  31. Razor Engine v2.x »
  32. Database Performance Transparency – SQLServerCentral
  33. Productive Living
  34. Constraints, expectations and real estate | Jimmy Bogard’s Blog
  35. Linux 2.6.39-rc3 :
    << There really are only two acceptable
    models of development: "think and analyze" or "years and years of
    testing on thousands of machines". Those two really do work.>> Linus Torvalds