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TILT–HealthCheck–part 8

Read about

In ASP.NET Core it is easy to add health checks to your web application.

I have added for Sqlite in the release and for SqlServer in the Azure.

This is the code

bool IsBuildFromCI = new XAboutMySoftware_78102118871091131225395110108769286().IsInCI;
//more code
     .AddHealthChecksUI(setup =>

         var health = "/healthz";
         if (IsBuildFromCI)
             health = builder.Configuration["MySettings:url"] + health;
         setup.AddHealthCheckEndpoint("me",health );
         setup.SetEvaluationTimeInSeconds (60*60);

//more code
app.MapHealthChecks("healthz", new HealthCheckOptions
    Predicate = _ => true,
    ResponseWriter = UIResponseWriter.WriteHealthCheckUIResponse
app.MapHealthChecksUI(setup =>


You can see the result at

Also, you can monitor at Monitoring – health check. Also, it would help to see the logs in real time, at Monitoring – logstream

Tools used






Visual Studio

TILT- ConnectionSecrets in Azure–part 7

There is relatively easy to use – just go to your web app in Azure, Configuration, ConnectionStrings and add your data.

This tutorial is based on the following article:

The .NET Core code is simple:

services.AddDbContext<MyDatabaseContext>(options =>

Tools used:

TILT–CI and CD–part 6

Because the Source Control is Github and has Actions when submitting the code, I use this.

Also, when creating an Azure WebSite , you can integrate with Github and he will add the yaml for you and the secrets to deploy

I have added also badge to see the result of the action in the readme file. Deploy to Azure build

For the moment , just swagger available to see that the deploy was successfull . Results at

Tools used:

Github Actions:


It is true that usually you should not create CRUD API. In this case I was thinking that is faster just to have those already created and making the application later. More, the CRUD was created automatically – sgtarting from database.

Install the generator in VS2022 , create a new solution

and then edit the connectionDetails.txt with the correct sql server name.

Tools used:

Visual Studio

TILT- tables–part 4

I will keep very simple the database schema.

I do not want for the moment an users table, so I just create

  1. a table with url

  2. a table with the tags
  3. a table with notes

Azure Data Studio

Trying Azure Data Studio – good point that it is integrated with Azure. Bad point – finding it misses diagrams –

Not good – I do prefer making relations between tables. I can drop later, but for now let’s go with SSMS

And this is the diagram conceived

Tools used:

Azure Data Studio Sql Server Management Studio

TILT- database–part 3

The Azure options for creating a database are enough to stay to think about:

I will create an Azure Sql Database – now more options

To choose one should evaluate deeply

And if you want to evaluate the cost, here are some prices:

I will go with Sql Managed instances

When creating , the admin password must be 16 characters long , contain numbers and non-alphanumeric characters, and must be different from the user password.

And the message is

“Deploying Managed Instance is a long running operation taking up to 6 hours to complete.”

So back to square 1 and create a Sql database.

Now must understand pricing – here is the link:

This was fast – now I can access the database and create tables.

Tools used:

TILT–specifications –part 2

This is an application to store what I have learned today / each day .

It will be one note string per day , note will be no more than 140 characters.

It has tags – programming, life, and so on. Can add one link to the note.

Can be saved on local ( desktop, mobile )or on cloud ( site). If wanted will be sync by having url part and password

Will have a calendar to see every day what have I learned – missing days will have an red X


Can be exported by date end -date start into Excel Word PDF

Will show what you have learned one year before

Default are all public – if you want to be private , should pay or copy the application.

Tools used:


TILT–idea–part 1

I want to try a new generator from DB with Roslyn – so a new application should come. The name is TILT – Thing I Learned Today.

What it does

1. Let you put a TILT  per day ( and this is a tricky point, what is a day …). A TILT can have a subject ( later maybe tags and links)

2. Shows you all the TILTs

3. Maybe lets you export the TILTs for a period.

You can try the application at . It has also  swagger – and BlocklyAutomation – . If you want to try the API, use

Busy with TILT

Just thinking to a new application –  TILT – Things I Learned Today . It will allow me to verify Database 2 Code – an sample project – and many of Roslyn Source Code Generators. If you want to participate, just let me know.

It will be on Azure as most as possible – and with applications deployed to all major stores ( Microsoft,  Google, Apple)

I will post the progress here.

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