Pattern: Flyweight


Flyweight pattern is used to reduce the memory and resource usage for complex models containing a large number of similar objects.

Example in .NET :


using System.Text;

namespace Flyweight;
internal class FlyweightDemo
    public static void Demo()
        var str = "Andrei Ignat";
        var str2 = string.Intern(str);
        var str3 = new StringBuilder("Andrei").Append(" Ignat").ToString();
        Console.WriteLine($"str == str2: Value {str==str2} Reference {Object.ReferenceEquals(str,str2)}");
        Console.WriteLine($"str == str3: Value {str==str3} Reference {Object.ReferenceEquals(str,str3)}");


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Source Code for Microsoft implementation of Flyweight

SourceCode String.Intern

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Make an exchange rate system. The symbol and names of the currency are the same for all the currencies. The exchange rate is different for each currency. Implement a flyweight that will allow you to create a currency with a symbol and a name and to get the exchange rate for the currency.