NetCoreUsefullEndpoints-part 8- adding start date

In my NuGet NetCoreUsefullEndpoints package  I have had already registered the actual date as

var rh = route.MapGet(“api/usefull/dateUTC”, (HttpContext httpContext) =>
                return Results.Ok(DateTime.UtcNow);

Now I want to register also the start date – the date where the application has been started.

1. How to do this  ?

2. What will be the route ?

For 1 can be a static constructor or, better , the singleton in C# :

private static DateTime startDateUTC = DateTime.UtcNow;

For 2 it is more complicated

My solution ( just break compatibility, since I have not a v1 and v2) was the following

var rh = route.MapGet(“api/usefull/date/startUTC”, (HttpContext httpContext) =>
     return Results.Ok(startDateUTC);

var rhUTC = route.MapGet(“api/usefull/date/nowUTC/”,
     (HttpContext httpContext) =>
         return TypedResults.Ok(DateTime.UtcNow);

rhUTC.AddDefault(corsPolicy, authorization);

So now I have same routing api/usefull/date