[Programmer Tools] Npm packages

The list have been obtained with the help of VisualAPI, former BlocklyAutomation.
You can obtain a list on your device by running

dotnet tool update --global programmerall --no-cache

Then browse to http://localhost:37283/blocklyAutomation/automation/loadexample/npms and press Execute
( You can have automation the same for your site – just contact me)

Those are my npm packages found on my PC:

  1. @adobe/css-tools:CSS parser / stringifier
  2. @ampproject/remapping:Remap sequential sourcemaps through transformations to point at the original source code
  3. @angular-devkit/architect:Angular Build Facade
  4. @angular-devkit/build-angular:Angular Webpack Build Facade
  5. @angular-devkit/build-webpack:Webpack Builder for Architect
  6. @angular-devkit/core:Angular DevKit – Core Utility Library
  7. @angular-devkit/schematics:Angular Schematics – Library
  8. @angular/animations:Angular – animations integration with web-animations
  9. @angular/cdk:Angular Material Component Development Kit
  10. @angular/cli:CLI tool for Angular
  11. @angular/common:Angular – commonly needed directives and services
  12. @angular/compiler-cli:Angular – the compiler CLI for Node.js
  13. @angular/compiler:Angular – the compiler library
  14. @angular/core:Angular – the core framework
  15. @angular/forms:Angular – directives and services for creating forms
  16. @angular/material:Angular Material
  17. @angular/platform-browser-dynamic:Angular – library for using Angular in a web browser with JIT compilation
  18. @angular/platform-browser:Angular – library for using Angular in a web browser
  19. @angular/router:Angular – the routing library
  20. @api-platform/api-doc-parser:Transform an API documentation (Hydra, OpenAPI, GraphQL) in an intermediate representation that can …
  21. @apideck/better-ajv-errors:Human-friendly JSON Schema validation for APIs
  22. @apidevtools/json-schema-ref-parser:Parse, Resolve, and Dereference JSON Schema $ref pointers
  23. @apidevtools/openapi-schemas:JSON Schemas for every version of the OpenAPI Specification
  24. @apidevtools/swagger-methods:HTTP methods that are supported by Swagger 2.0
  25. @apidevtools/swagger-parser:Swagger 2.0 and OpenAPI 3.0 parser and validator for Node and browsers
  26. @assemblyscript/loader:A convenient loader for AssemblyScript modules.
  27. @babel/code-frame:Generate errors that contain a code frame that point to source locations.
  28. @babel/core:Babel compiler core.
  29. @babel/eslint-parser:ESLint parser that allows for linting of experimental syntax transformed by Babel
  30. @babel/generator:Turns an AST into code.
  31. @babel/helper-annotate-as-pure:Helper function to annotate paths and nodes with #__PURE__ comment
  32. @babel/helper-builder-binary-assignment-operator-visitor:Helper function to build binary assignment operator visitors
  33. @babel/helper-compilation-targets:Helper functions on Babel compilation targets
  34. @babel/helper-create-class-features-plugin:Compile class public and private fields, private methods and decorators to ES6
  35. @babel/helper-create-regexp-features-plugin:Compile ESNext Regular Expressions to ES5
  36. @babel/helper-define-polyfill-provider:Babel helper to create your own polyfill provider
  37. @babel/helper-environment-visitor:Helper visitor to only visit nodes in the current ‘this’ context
  38. @babel/helper-explode-assignable-expression:Helper function to explode an assignable expression
  39. @babel/helper-function-name:Helper function to change the property ‘name’ of every function
  40. @babel/helper-get-function-arity:Helper function to get function arity
  41. @babel/helper-hoist-variables:Helper function to hoist variables
  42. @babel/helper-member-expression-to-functions:Helper function to replace certain member expressions with function calls
  43. @babel/helper-module-imports:Babel helper functions for inserting module loads
  44. @babel/helper-module-transforms:Babel helper functions for implementing ES6 module transformations
  45. @babel/helper-optimise-call-expression:Helper function to optimise call expression
  46. @babel/helper-plugin-utils:General utilities for plugins to use
  47. @babel/helper-remap-async-to-generator:Helper function to remap async functions to generators
  48. @babel/helper-replace-supers:Helper function to replace supers
  49. @babel/helper-simple-access:Babel helper for ensuring that access to a given value is performed through simple accesses
  50. @babel/helper-skip-transparent-expression-wrappers:Helper which skips types and parentheses
  51. @babel/helper-string-parser:A utility package to parse strings
  52. @babel/helper-validator-identifier:Validate identifier/keywords name
  53. @babel/helper-validator-option:Validate plugin/preset options
  54. @babel/helper-wrap-function:Helper to wrap functions inside a function call.
  55. @babel/helpers:Collection of helper functions used by Babel transforms.
  56. @babel/highlight:Syntax highlight JavaScript strings for output in terminals.
  57. @babel/parser:A JavaScript parser
  58. @babel/plugin-bugfix-safari-id-destructuring-collision-in-function-expression:Rename destructuring parameter to workaround https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=220517
  59. @babel/plugin-bugfix-v8-spread-parameters-in-optional-chaining:Transform optional chaining operators to workaround https://crbug.com/v8/11558
  60. @babel/plugin-proposal-async-generator-functions:Turn async generator functions into ES2015 generators
  61. @babel/plugin-proposal-class-properties:This plugin transforms static class properties as well as properties declared with the property init…
  62. @babel/plugin-proposal-class-static-block:Transform class static blocks
  63. @babel/plugin-proposal-decorators:Compile class and object decorators to ES5
  64. @babel/plugin-proposal-dynamic-import:Transform import() expressions
  65. @babel/plugin-proposal-export-namespace-from:Compile export namespace to ES2015
  66. @babel/plugin-proposal-json-strings:Escape U+2028 LINE SEPARATOR and U+2029 PARAGRAPH SEPARATOR in JS strings
  67. @babel/plugin-proposal-logical-assignment-operators:Transforms logical assignment operators into short-circuited assignments
  68. @babel/plugin-proposal-nullish-coalescing-operator:Remove nullish coalescing operator
  69. @babel/plugin-proposal-numeric-separator:Remove numeric separators from Decimal, Binary, Hex and Octal literals
  70. @babel/plugin-proposal-object-rest-spread:Compile object rest and spread to ES5
  71. @babel/plugin-proposal-optional-catch-binding:Compile optional catch bindings
  72. @babel/plugin-proposal-optional-chaining:Transform optional chaining operators into a series of nil checks
  73. @babel/plugin-proposal-private-methods:This plugin transforms private class methods
  74. @babel/plugin-proposal-private-property-in-object:This plugin transforms checks for a private property in an object
  75. @babel/plugin-proposal-unicode-property-regex:Compile Unicode property escapes in Unicode regular expressions to ES5.
  76. @babel/plugin-syntax-async-generators:Allow parsing of async generator functions
  77. @babel/plugin-syntax-bigint:Allow parsing of BigInt literals
  78. @babel/plugin-syntax-class-properties:Allow parsing of class properties
  79. @babel/plugin-syntax-class-static-block:Allow parsing of class static blocks
  80. @babel/plugin-syntax-decorators:Allow parsing of decorators
  81. @babel/plugin-syntax-dynamic-import:Allow parsing of import()
  82. @babel/plugin-syntax-export-namespace-from:Allow parsing of export namespace from
  83. @babel/plugin-syntax-flow:Allow parsing of the flow syntax
  84. @babel/plugin-syntax-import-assertions:Allow parsing of the module assertion attributes in the import statement
  85. @babel/plugin-syntax-import-meta:Allow parsing of import.meta
  86. @babel/plugin-syntax-json-strings:Allow parsing of the U+2028 LINE SEPARATOR and U+2029 PARAGRAPH SEPARATOR in JS strings
  87. @babel/plugin-syntax-jsx:Allow parsing of jsx
  88. @babel/plugin-syntax-logical-assignment-operators:Allow parsing of the logical assignment operators
  89. @babel/plugin-syntax-nullish-coalescing-operator:Allow parsing of the nullish-coalescing operator
  90. @babel/plugin-syntax-numeric-separator:Allow parsing of Decimal, Binary, Hex and Octal literals that contain a Numeric Literal Separator
  91. @babel/plugin-syntax-object-rest-spread:Allow parsing of object rest/spread
  92. @babel/plugin-syntax-optional-catch-binding:Allow parsing of optional catch bindings
  93. @babel/plugin-syntax-optional-chaining:Allow parsing of optional properties
  94. @babel/plugin-syntax-private-property-in-object:Allow parsing of ‘#foo in obj’ brand checks
  95. @babel/plugin-syntax-top-level-await:Allow parsing of top-level await in modules
  96. @babel/plugin-syntax-typescript:Allow parsing of TypeScript syntax
  97. @babel/plugin-transform-arrow-functions:Compile ES2015 arrow functions to ES5
  98. @babel/plugin-transform-async-to-generator:Turn async functions into ES2015 generators
  99. @babel/plugin-transform-block-scoped-functions:Babel plugin to ensure function declarations at the block level are block scoped
  100. @babel/plugin-transform-block-scoping:Compile ES2015 block scoping (const and let) to ES5
  101. @babel/plugin-transform-classes:Compile ES2015 classes to ES5
  102. @babel/plugin-transform-computed-properties:Compile ES2015 computed properties to ES5
  103. @babel/plugin-transform-destructuring:Compile ES2015 destructuring to ES5
  104. @babel/plugin-transform-dotall-regex:Compile regular expressions using the `s` (`dotAll`) flag to ES5.
  105. @babel/plugin-transform-duplicate-keys:Compile objects with duplicate keys to valid strict ES5
  106. @babel/plugin-transform-exponentiation-operator:Compile exponentiation operator to ES5
  107. @babel/plugin-transform-flow-strip-types:Strip flow type annotations from your output code.
  108. @babel/plugin-transform-for-of:Compile ES2015 for…of to ES5
  109. @babel/plugin-transform-function-name:Apply ES2015 function.name semantics to all functions
  110. @babel/plugin-transform-literals:Compile ES2015 unicode string and number literals to ES5
  111. @babel/plugin-transform-member-expression-literals:Ensure that reserved words are quoted in property accesses
  112. @babel/plugin-transform-modules-amd:This plugin transforms ES2015 modules to AMD
  113. @babel/plugin-transform-modules-commonjs:This plugin transforms ES2015 modules to CommonJS
  114. @babel/plugin-transform-modules-systemjs:This plugin transforms ES2015 modules to SystemJS
  115. @babel/plugin-transform-modules-umd:This plugin transforms ES2015 modules to UMD
  116. @babel/plugin-transform-named-capturing-groups-regex:Compile regular expressions using named groups to ES5.
  117. @babel/plugin-transform-new-target:Transforms new.target meta property
  118. @babel/plugin-transform-object-super:Compile ES2015 object super to ES5
  119. @babel/plugin-transform-parameters:Compile ES2015 default and rest parameters to ES5
  120. @babel/plugin-transform-property-literals:Ensure that reserved words are quoted in object property keys
  121. @babel/plugin-transform-react-constant-elements:Treat React JSX elements as value types and hoist them to the highest scope
  122. @babel/plugin-transform-react-display-name:Add displayName to React.createClass calls
  123. @babel/plugin-transform-react-jsx-development:Turn JSX into React function calls in development
  124. @babel/plugin-transform-react-jsx:Turn JSX into React function calls
  125. @babel/plugin-transform-react-pure-annotations:Mark top-level React method calls as pure for tree shaking
  126. @babel/plugin-transform-regenerator:Explode async and generator functions into a state machine.
  127. @babel/plugin-transform-reserved-words:Ensure that no reserved words are used.
  128. @babel/plugin-transform-runtime:Externalise references to helpers and builtins, automatically polyfilling your code without pollutin…
  129. @babel/plugin-transform-shorthand-properties:Compile ES2015 shorthand properties to ES5
  130. @babel/plugin-transform-spread:Compile ES2015 spread to ES5
  131. @babel/plugin-transform-sticky-regex:Compile ES2015 sticky regex to an ES5 RegExp constructor
  132. @babel/plugin-transform-template-literals:Compile ES2015 template literals to ES5
  133. @babel/plugin-transform-typeof-symbol:This transformer wraps all typeof expressions with a method that replicates native behaviour. (ie. r…
  134. @babel/plugin-transform-typescript:Transform TypeScript into ES.next
  135. @babel/plugin-transform-unicode-escapes:Compile ES2015 Unicode escapes to ES5
  136. @babel/plugin-transform-unicode-regex:Compile ES2015 Unicode regex to ES5
  137. @babel/preset-env:A Babel preset for each environment.
  138. @babel/preset-modules:A Babel preset that targets modern browsers by fixing engine bugs.
  139. @babel/preset-react:Babel preset for all React plugins.
  140. @babel/preset-typescript:Babel preset for TypeScript.
  141. @babel/runtime-corejs3:babel’s modular runtime helpers with core-js@3 polyfilling
  142. @babel/runtime:babel’s modular runtime helpers
  143. @babel/template:Generate an AST from a string template.
  144. @babel/traverse:The Babel Traverse module maintains the overall tree state, and is responsible for replacing, removi…
  145. @babel/types:Babel Types is a Lodash-esque utility library for AST nodes
  146. @bcoe/v8-coverage:Helper functions for V8 coverage files.
  147. @blockly/workspace-content-highlight:A Blockly workspace plugin that adds a highlight around the content area.
  148. @csstools/convert-colors:Convert colors between RGB, HEX, HSL, HWB, LAB, LCH, and more
  149. @csstools/normalize.css:A cross-browser CSS foundation
  150. @csstools/postcss-cascade-layers:Use cascade layers in CSS
  151. @csstools/postcss-color-function:Use the color() function in CSS
  152. @csstools/postcss-font-format-keywords:Use unquoted format on @font-face CSS definitions.
  153. @csstools/postcss-hwb-function:Use hwb() color functions in CSS
  154. @csstools/postcss-ic-unit:Use the ic length unit
  155. @csstools/postcss-is-pseudo-class:A pseudo-class for matching elements in a selector list
  156. @csstools/postcss-nested-calc:Use nested calc() expressions in CSS
  157. @csstools/postcss-normalize-display-values:Use two values display syntax for inner and outer display types.
  158. @csstools/postcss-oklab-function:Use oklab() and oklch() color functions in CSS
  159. @csstools/postcss-progressive-custom-properties:Correctly declare progressive enhancements for CSS Custom Properties.
  160. @csstools/postcss-stepped-value-functions:Use round, rem and mod functions in CSS
  161. @csstools/postcss-text-decoration-shorthand:Use text-decoration in it’s shorthand form in CSS
  162. @csstools/postcss-trigonometric-functions:Use sin(), cos(), tan(), acos(), atan(), and atan2() to compute trigonometric relationships
  163. @csstools/postcss-unset-value:Use the unset keyword in CSS.
  164. @csstools/selector-specificity:Determine selector specificity with postcss-selector-parser
  165. @discoveryjs/json-ext:A set of utilities that extend the use of JSON
  166. @emotion/babel-plugin:A recommended babel preprocessing plugin for emotion, The Next Generation of CSS-in-JS.
  167. @emotion/cache:emotion’s cache
  168. @emotion/hash:A MurmurHash2 implementation
  169. @emotion/is-prop-valid:A function to check whether a prop is valid for HTML and SVG elements
  170. @emotion/memoize:emotion’s memoize utility
  171. @emotion/react:> Simple styling in React.
  172. @emotion/serialize:serialization utils for emotion
  173. @emotion/sheet:emotion’s stylesheet
  174. @emotion/styled:styled API for emotion
  175. @emotion/unitless:An object of css properties that don’t accept values with units
  176. @emotion/use-insertion-effect-with-fallbacks:A wrapper package that uses `useInsertionEffect` or a fallback for it
  177. @emotion/utils:internal utils for emotion
  178. @emotion/weak-memoize:A memoization function that uses a WeakMap
  179. @eslint/eslintrc:The legacy ESLintRC config file format for ESLint
  180. @gar/promisify:Promisify an entire class or object
  181. @humanwhocodes/config-array:Glob-based configuration matching.
  182. @humanwhocodes/module-importer:Universal module importer for Node.js
  183. @humanwhocodes/object-schema:An object schema merger/validator
  184. @istanbuljs/load-nyc-config:Utility function to load nyc configuration
  185. @istanbuljs/schema:Schemas describing various structures used by nyc and istanbuljs
  186. @jest/core:Delightful JavaScript Testing.
  187. @jest/reporters:Jest’s reporters
  188. @jest/schemas:Experimental and currently incomplete module for JSON schemas for [Jest’s](https://jestjs.io/) confi…
  189. @jest/types:This package contains shared types of Jest’s packages.
  190. @jridgewell/gen-mapping:Generate source maps
  191. @jridgewell/resolve-uri:Resolve a URI relative to an optional base URI
  192. @jridgewell/set-array:Like a Set, but provides the index of the `key` in the backing array
  193. @jridgewell/source-map:Packages @jridgewell/trace-mapping and @jridgewell/gen-mapping into the familiar source-map API
  194. @jridgewell/sourcemap-codec:Encode/decode sourcemap mappings
  195. @jridgewell/trace-mapping:Trace the original position through a source map
  196. @jsdevtools/ono:Throw better errors.
  197. @leichtgewicht/ip-codec:Small package to encode or decode IP addresses from buffers to strings.
  198. @mui/base:A library of headless (‘unstyled’) React UI components and low-level hooks.
  199. @mui/core-downloads-tracker:Internal package to track number of downloads of our design system libraries
  200. @mui/icons-material:Material Design icons distributed as SVG React components.
  201. @mui/material:React components that implement Google’s Material Design.
  202. @mui/private-theming:Private – The React theme context to be shared between `@mui/styles` and `@mui/material`.
  203. @mui/styled-engine:styled() API wrapper package for emotion.
  204. @mui/system:CSS utilities for rapidly laying out custom designs.
  205. @mui/types:Utility types for MUI.
  206. @mui/utils:Utility functions for React components.
  207. @ngtools/webpack:Webpack plugin that AoT compiles your Angular components and modules.
  208. @nicolo-ribaudo/eslint-scope-5-internals:Proxy package exposing internals of eslint-scope@5 for @babel/eslint-parser
  209. @nodelib/fs.scandir:List files and directories inside the specified directory
  210. @nodelib/fs.stat:Get the status of a file with some features
  211. @nodelib/fs.walk:A library for efficiently walking a directory recursively
  212. @npmcli/fs:filesystem utilities for the npm cli
  213. @npmcli/git:a util for spawning git from npm CLI contexts
  214. @npmcli/installed-package-contents:Get the list of files installed in a package in node_modules, including bundled dependencies
  215. @npmcli/move-file:move a file (fork of move-file)
  216. @npmcli/node-gyp:Tools for dealing with node-gyp packages
  217. @npmcli/promise-spawn:spawn processes the way the npm cli likes to do
  218. @npmcli/run-script:Run a lifecycle script for a package (descendant of npm-lifecycle)
  219. @pmmmwh/react-refresh-webpack-plugin:An **EXPERIMENTAL** Webpack plugin to enable “Fast Refresh” (also previously known as _Hot Reloading…
  220. @popperjs/core:Tooltip and Popover Positioning Engine
  221. @rollup/plugin-babel:Seamless integration between Rollup and Babel.
  222. @rollup/plugin-node-resolve:Locate and bundle third-party dependencies in node_modules
  223. @rollup/plugin-replace:Replace strings in files while bundling
  224. @rollup/pluginutils:A set of utility functions commonly used by Rollup plugins
  225. @rushstack/eslint-patch:A patch that improves how ESLint loads plugins when working in a monorepo with a reusable toolchain
  226. @schematics/angular:Schematics specific to Angular
  227. @sinclair/typebox:JSONSchema Type Builder with Static Type Resolution for TypeScript
  228. @sinonjs/commons:Simple functions shared among the sinon end user libraries
  229. @sinonjs/fake-timers:Fake JavaScript timers
  230. @surma/rollup-plugin-off-main-thread:Use Rollup with workers and ES6 modules today.
  231. @svgr/babel-plugin-add-jsx-attribute:Add JSX attribute
  232. @svgr/babel-plugin-remove-jsx-attribute:Remove JSX attribute
  233. @svgr/babel-plugin-remove-jsx-empty-expression:Remove JSX empty expression
  234. @svgr/babel-plugin-replace-jsx-attribute-value:Replace JSX attribute value
  235. @svgr/babel-plugin-svg-dynamic-title:Transform SVG by adding a dynamic title element
  236. @svgr/babel-plugin-svg-em-dimensions:Transform SVG to use em-based dimensions
  237. @svgr/babel-plugin-transform-react-native-svg:Transform DOM elements into react-native-svg components
  238. @svgr/babel-plugin-transform-svg-component:Transform SVG into component
  239. @svgr/babel-preset:SVGR preset that apply transformations from config
  240. @svgr/core:Transform SVG into React Components.
  241. @svgr/hast-util-to-babel-ast:Transform HAST to Babel AST (JSX)
  242. @svgr/plugin-jsx:Transform SVG into JSX
  243. @svgr/plugin-svgo:Optimize SVG
  244. @svgr/webpack:SVGR webpack loader.
  245. @testing-library/dom:Simple and complete DOM testing utilities that encourage good testing practices.
  246. @testing-library/jest-dom:Custom jest matchers to test the state of the DOM
  247. @testing-library/react:Simple and complete React DOM testing utilities that encourage good testing practices.
  248. @testing-library/user-event:Fire events the same way the user does
  249. @tootallnate/once:Creates a Promise that waits for a single event
  250. @trysound/sax:An evented streaming XML parser in JavaScript
  251. @types/aria-query:TypeScript definitions for aria-query
  252. @types/babel__core:TypeScript definitions for @babel/core
  253. @types/babel__generator:TypeScript definitions for @babel/generator
  254. @types/babel__template:TypeScript definitions for @babel/template
  255. @types/babel__traverse:TypeScript definitions for @babel/traverse
  256. @types/body-parser:TypeScript definitions for body-parser
  257. @types/bonjour:TypeScript definitions for bonjour
  258. @types/component-emitter:TypeScript definitions for component-emitter
  259. @types/connect-history-api-fallback:TypeScript definitions for connect-history-api-fallback
  260. @types/connect:TypeScript definitions for connect
  261. @types/cookie:TypeScript definitions for cookie
  262. @types/cors:TypeScript definitions for cors
  263. @types/eslint-scope:TypeScript definitions for eslint-scope
  264. @types/eslint:TypeScript definitions for eslint
  265. @types/estree:TypeScript definitions for estree
  266. @types/express-serve-static-core:TypeScript definitions for Express
  267. @types/express:TypeScript definitions for Express
  268. @types/graceful-fs:TypeScript definitions for graceful-fs
  269. @types/html-minifier-terser:TypeScript definitions for html-minifier-terser
  270. @types/http-proxy:TypeScript definitions for node-http-proxy
  271. @types/intro.js:TypeScript definitions for intro.js
  272. @types/istanbul-lib-coverage:TypeScript definitions for istanbul-lib-coverage
  273. @types/istanbul-lib-report:TypeScript definitions for istanbul-lib-report
  274. @types/istanbul-reports:TypeScript definitions for istanbul-reports
  275. @types/jasmine:TypeScript definitions for Jasmine
  276. @types/jest:TypeScript definitions for Jest
  277. @types/json-schema:TypeScript definitions for json-schema 4.0, 6.0 and
  278. @types/json5:Stub TypeScript definitions entry for json5, which provides its own types definitions
  279. @types/mime:TypeScript definitions for mime
  280. @types/node:TypeScript definitions for Node.js
  281. @types/parse-json:TypeScript definitions for parse-json
  282. @types/prettier:TypeScript definitions for prettier
  283. @types/prop-types:TypeScript definitions for prop-types
  284. @types/q:TypeScript definitions for Q
  285. @types/qs:TypeScript definitions for qs
  286. @types/range-parser:TypeScript definitions for range-parser
  287. @types/react-dom:TypeScript definitions for React (react-dom)
  288. @types/react-is:TypeScript definitions for react-is
  289. @types/react-transition-group:TypeScript definitions for react-transition-group
  290. @types/react:TypeScript definitions for React
  291. @types/resolve:TypeScript definitions for resolve
  292. @types/retry:TypeScript definitions for retry
  293. @types/scheduler:TypeScript definitions for scheduler
  294. @types/semver:TypeScript definitions for semver
  295. @types/serve-index:TypeScript definitions for serve-index
  296. @types/serve-static:TypeScript definitions for serve-static
  297. @types/sockjs:TypeScript definitions for sockjs
  298. @types/stack-utils:TypeScript definitions for stack-utils
  299. @types/tabulator-tables:TypeScript definitions for tabulator-tables
  300. @types/testing-library__jest-dom:TypeScript definitions for @testing-library/jest-dom
  301. @types/trusted-types:TypeScript definitions for trusted-types
  302. @types/ws:TypeScript definitions for ws
  303. @types/yargs-parser:TypeScript definitions for yargs-parser
  304. @types/yargs:TypeScript definitions for yargs
  305. @typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin:TypeScript plugin for ESLint
  306. @typescript-eslint/experimental-utils:(Experimental) Utilities for working with TypeScript + ESLint together
  307. @typescript-eslint/parser:An ESLint custom parser which leverages TypeScript ESTree
  308. @typescript-eslint/scope-manager:TypeScript scope analyser for ESLint
  309. @typescript-eslint/type-utils:Type utilities for working with TypeScript + ESLint together
  310. @typescript-eslint/types:Types for the TypeScript-ESTree AST spec
  311. @typescript-eslint/typescript-estree:A parser that converts TypeScript source code into an ESTree compatible form
  312. @typescript-eslint/utils:Utilities for working with TypeScript + ESLint together
  313. @typescript-eslint/visitor-keys:Visitor keys used to help traverse the TypeScript-ESTree AST
  314. @webassemblyjs/ast:AST utils for webassemblyjs
  315. @webassemblyjs/floating-point-hex-parser:A function to parse floating point hexadecimal strings as defined by the WebAssembly specification
  316. @webassemblyjs/helper-api-error:Common API errors
  317. @webassemblyjs/helper-buffer:Buffer manipulation utility
  318. @webassemblyjs/helper-numbers:Number parsing utility
  319. @webassemblyjs/helper-wasm-bytecode:WASM’s Bytecode constants
  320. @webassemblyjs/ieee754:IEEE754 decoder and encoder
  321. @webassemblyjs/leb128:LEB128 decoder and encoder
  322. @webassemblyjs/utf8:UTF8 encoder/decoder for WASM
  323. @webassemblyjs/wasm-edit:> Rewrite a WASM binary
  324. @webassemblyjs/wasm-gen:WebAssembly binary format printer
  325. @webassemblyjs/wasm-parser:WebAssembly binary format parser
  326. @webassemblyjs/wast-printer:WebAssembly text format printer
  327. @xtuc/ieee754:Read/write IEEE754 floating point numbers from/to a Buffer or array-like object
  328. @xtuc/long:A Long class for representing a 64-bit two’s-complement integer value.
  329. @yarnpkg/lockfile:The parser/stringifier for Yarn lockfiles.
  330. abab:WHATWG spec-compliant implementations of window.atob and window.btoa.
  331. abbrev:Like ruby’s abbrev module, but in js
  332. accepts:Higher-level content negotiation
  333. acorn-globals:Detect global variables in JavaScript using acorn
  334. acorn-import-assertions:Support for import assertions in acorn
  335. acorn-jsx:Modern, fast React.js JSX parser
  336. acorn-node:the acorn javascript parser, preloaded with plugins for syntax parity with recent node versions
  337. acorn-walk:ECMAScript (ESTree) AST walker
  338. acorn:ECMAScript parser
  339. address:Get current machine IP, MAC and DNS servers.
  340. adjust-sourcemap-loader:Webpack loader that adjusts source maps
  341. agent-base:Turn a function into an `http.Agent` instance
  342. agentkeepalive:Missing keepalive http.Agent
  343. aggregate-error:Create an error from multiple errors
  344. ajv-formats:Format validation for Ajv v7+
  345. ajv-keywords:Additional JSON-Schema keywords for Ajv JSON validator
  346. ajv:Another JSON Schema Validator
  347. ansi-colors:Easily add ANSI colors to your text and symbols in the terminal. A faster drop-in replacement for ch…
  348. ansi-escapes:ANSI escape codes for manipulating the terminal
  349. ansi-html-community:An elegant lib that converts the chalked (ANSI) text to HTML. (Community)
  350. ansi-regex:Regular expression for matching ANSI escape codes
  351. ansi-styles:ANSI escape codes for styling strings in the terminal
  352. anymatch:Matches strings against configurable strings, globs, regular expressions, and/or functions
  353. aproba:A ridiculously light-weight argument validator (now browser friendly)
  354. are-we-there-yet:Keep track of the overall completion of many disparate processes
  355. arg:Unopinionated, no-frills CLI argument parser
  356. argparse:CLI arguments parser. Native port of python’s argparse.
  357. aria-query:Programmatic access to the ARIA specification
  358. array-flatten:Flatten nested arrays
  359. array-includes:An ES7/ES2016 spec-compliant `Array.prototype.includes` shim/polyfill/replacement that works as far …
  360. array-union:Create an array of unique values, in order, from the input arrays
  361. array.prototype.flat:An ES2019 spec-compliant `Array.prototype.flat` shim/polyfill/replacement that works as far down as …
  362. array.prototype.flatmap:An ES2019 spec-compliant `Array.prototype.flatMap` shim/polyfill/replacement that works as far down …
  363. array.prototype.reduce:An ES5 spec-compliant `Array.prototype.reduce` shim/polyfill/replacement that works as far down as E…
  364. asap:High-priority task queue for Node.js and browsers
  365. asn1:Contains parsers and serializers for ASN.1 (currently BER only)
  366. ast-types-flow:Flow types for the Javascript AST
  367. async:Higher-order functions and common patterns for asynchronous code
  368. asynckit:Minimal async jobs utility library, with streams support
  369. at-least-node:Lightweight Node.js version sniffing/comparison
  370. atob:atob for Node.JS and Linux / Mac / Windows CLI (it’s a one-liner)
  371. autoprefixer:Parse CSS and add vendor prefixes to CSS rules using values from the Can I Use website
  372. available-typed-arrays:Returns an array of Typed Array names that are available in the current environment
  373. aws4:Signs and prepares requests using AWS Signature Version 4
  374. axe-core:Accessibility engine for automated Web UI testing
  375. axobject-query:Programmatic access to information about the AXObject Model
  376. babel-jest:Jest plugin to use babel for transformation.
  377. babel-loader:babel module loader for webpack
  378. babel-plugin-dynamic-import-node:Babel plugin to transpile import() to a deferred require(), for node
  379. babel-plugin-istanbul:A babel plugin that adds istanbul instrumentation to ES6 code
  380. babel-plugin-jest-hoist:Babel plugin to hoist `jest.disableAutomock`, `jest.enableAutomock`, `jest.unmock`, `jest.mock`, cal…
  381. babel-plugin-macros:Allows you to build compile-time libraries
  382. babel-plugin-named-asset-import:Babel plugin for named asset imports in Create React App
  383. babel-plugin-polyfill-corejs2:A Babel plugin to inject imports to core-js@2 polyfills
  384. babel-plugin-polyfill-corejs3:A Babel plugin to inject imports to core-js@3 polyfills
  385. babel-plugin-polyfill-regenerator:A Babel plugin to inject imports to regenerator-runtime
  386. babel-plugin-transform-react-remove-prop-types:Remove unnecessary React propTypes from the production build
  387. babel-preset-current-node-syntax:A Babel preset that enables parsing of proposals supported by the current Node.js version.
  388. babel-preset-jest:> Babel preset for all Jest plugins. This preset is automatically included when using [babel-jest](h…
  389. babel-preset-react-app:Babel preset used by Create React App
  390. balanced-match:Match balanced character pairs, like “{” and “}”
  391. base64-arraybuffer:Encode/decode base64 data into ArrayBuffers
  392. base64-js:Base64 encoding/decoding in pure JS
  393. base64id:Generates a base64 id
  394. batch:Simple async batch with concurrency control and progress reporting.
  395. bfj:Big-friendly JSON. Asynchronous streaming functions for large JSON data sets.
  396. big.js:A small, fast, easy-to-use library for arbitrary-precision decimal arithmetic
  397. binary-extensions:List of binary file extensions
  398. bl:Buffer List: collect buffers and access with a standard readable Buffer interface, streamable too!
  399. blockly:Blockly is a library for building visual programming editors.
  400. bluebird:Full featured Promises/A+ implementation with exceptionally good performance
  401. body-parser:Node.js body parsing middleware
  402. bonjour-service:A Bonjour/Zeroconf implementation in TypeScript
  403. boolbase:two functions: One that returns true, one that returns false
  404. brace-expansion:Brace expansion as known from sh/bash
  405. braces:Bash-like brace expansion, implemented in JavaScript. Safer than other brace expansion libs, with co…
  406. browser-process-hrtime:Shim for process.hrtime in the browser
  407. browserslist:Share target browsers between different front-end tools, like Autoprefixer, Stylelint and babel-env-…
  408. bser:JavaScript implementation of the BSER Binary Serialization
  409. btoa:btoa for Node.JS (it’s a one-liner)
  410. buffer-from:A [ponyfill](https://ponyfill.com) for `Buffer.from`, uses native implementation if available.
  411. buffer-indexof:find the index of a buffer in a buffer
  412. buffer:Node.js Buffer API, for the browser
  413. builtin-modules:List of the Node.js builtin modules
  414. bytes:Utility to parse a string bytes to bytes and vice-versa
  415. cacache:Fast, fault-tolerant, cross-platform, disk-based, data-agnostic, content-addressable cache.
  416. call-bind:Robustly `.call.bind()` a function
  417. callsites:Get callsites from the V8 stack trace API
  418. camel-case:Transform into a string with the separator denoted by the next word capitalized
  419. camelcase-css:Convert a kebab-cased CSS property into a camelCased DOM property.
  420. camelcase:Convert a dash/dot/underscore/space separated string to camelCase or PascalCase: `foo-bar` → `fooBar…
  421. caniuse-api:request the caniuse data to check browsers compatibilities
  422. caniuse-lite:A smaller version of caniuse-db, with only the essentials!
  423. canonical-path:paths that always use forward slashes
  424. canonicalize:JSON canonicalize function
  425. case-sensitive-paths-webpack-plugin:Enforces module path case sensitivity in Webpack
  426. chalk:Terminal string styling done right
  427. char-regex:A regex to match any full character, considering weird character ranges.
  428. chardet:Character encoding detector
  429. chart.js:Simple HTML5 charts using the canvas element.
  430. check-types:A little library for asserting types and values, with zero dependencies.
  431. chokidar:Minimal and efficient cross-platform file watching library
  432. chownr:like `chown -R`
  433. chrome-trace-event:A library to create a trace of your node app per Google’s Trace Event format.
  434. ci-info:Get details about the current Continuous Integration environment
  435. circular-dependency-plugin:Detect modules with circular dependencies when bundling with webpack.
  436. cjs-module-lexer:Lexes CommonJS modules, returning their named exports metadata
  437. clean-css:A well-tested CSS minifier
  438. clean-stack:Clean up error stack traces
  439. cli-cursor:Toggle the CLI cursor
  440. cli-spinners:Spinners for use in the terminal
  441. cli-width:Get stdout window width, with two fallbacks, tty and then a default.
  442. cliui:easily create complex multi-column command-line-interfaces
  443. clone-deep:Recursively (deep) clone JavaScript native types, like Object, Array, RegExp, Date as well as primit…
  444. clsx:A tiny (228B) utility for constructing className strings conditionally.
  445. co:generator async control flow goodness
  446. coa:Command-Option-Argument: Yet another parser for command line options.
  447. collect-v8-coverage:Use this module to start and stop the V8 inspector manually and collect precise coverage.
  448. color-convert:Plain color conversion functions
  449. color-name:A list of color names and its values
  450. color-support:A module which will endeavor to guess your terminal’s level of color support.
  451. colord: A tiny yet powerful tool for high-performance color manipulations and conversions
  452. colorette:Easily set your terminal text color & styles.
  453. colors:get colors in your node.js console
  454. combined-stream:A stream that emits multiple other streams one after another.
  455. commander:the complete solution for node.js command-line programs
  456. common-path-prefix:Computes the longest prefix string that is common to each path, excluding the base component
  457. common-tags:a few common utility template tags for ES2015
  458. commondir:compute the closest common parent for file paths
  459. component-emitter:Event emitter
  460. compressible:Compressible Content-Type / mime checking
  461. compression:Node.js compression middleware
  462. concat-map:concatenative mapdashery
  463. confusing-browser-globals:A list of browser globals that are often used by mistake instead of local variables
  464. connect-history-api-fallback:Provides a fallback for non-existing directories so that the HTML 5 history API can be used.
  465. connect:High performance middleware framework
  466. content-disposition:Create and parse Content-Disposition header
  467. content-type:Create and parse HTTP Content-Type header
  468. convert-source-map:Converts a source-map from/to different formats and allows adding/changing properties.
  469. cookie-signature:Sign and unsign cookies
  470. cookie:HTTP server cookie parsing and serialization
  471. copy-anything:An optimised way to copy’ing an object. A small and simple integration
  472. copy-webpack-plugin:Copy files && directories with webpack
  473. core-js-compat:core-js compat
  474. core-js-pure:Standard library
  475. core-js:Standard library
  476. core-util-is:The `util.is*` functions introduced in Node v0.12.
  477. cors:Node.js CORS middleware
  478. cosmiconfig:Find and load configuration from a package.json property, rc file, or CommonJS module
  479. critters:Inline critical CSS and lazy-load the rest.
  480. cross-fetch:Universal WHATWG Fetch API for Node, Browsers and React Native
  481. cross-spawn:Cross platform child_process#spawn and child_process#spawnSync
  482. crypto-random-string:Generate a cryptographically strong random string
  483. css-blank-pseudo:Style form elements when they are empty
  484. css-declaration-sorter:Sorts CSS declarations fast and automatically in a certain order.
  485. css-has-pseudo:Style elements relative to other elements in CSS
  486. css-loader:css loader module for webpack
  487. css-minimizer-webpack-plugin:cssnano plugin for Webpack
  488. css-prefers-color-scheme:Use light and dark color schemes in all browsers
  489. css-select-base-adapter:Provides some base functions needed by a css-select adapter so that you don’t have to implement the …
  490. css-select:a CSS selector compiler/engine
  491. css-tree:A tool set for CSS: fast detailed parser (CSS → AST), walker (AST traversal), generator (AST → CSS) …
  492. css-what:a CSS selector parser
  493. css.escape:A robust polyfill for the `CSS.escape` utility method as defined in CSSOM.
  494. css:CSS parser / stringifier
  495. cssdb:A comprehensive list of CSS features and their positions in the process of becoming implemented web …
  496. cssesc:A JavaScript library for escaping CSS strings and identifiers while generating the shortest possible…
  497. cssnano-preset-default:Safe defaults for cssnano which require minimal configuration.
  498. cssnano-utils:Utility methods and plugin for cssnano projects
  499. cssnano:A modular minifier, built on top of the PostCSS ecosystem.
  500. csso:CSS minifier with structural optimisations
  501. cssom:CSS Object Model implementation and CSS parser
  502. cssstyle:CSSStyleDeclaration Object Model implementation
  503. csstype:Strict TypeScript and Flow types for style based on MDN data
  504. damerau-levenshtein:Damerau – Levenshtein distance by The Spanish Inquisition + relative distance
  505. data-urls:Parses data: URLs
  506. date-format:Formatting Date objects as strings since 2013
  507. debug:Lightweight debugging utility for Node.js and the browser
  508. decimal.js:An arbitrary-precision Decimal type for JavaScript.
  509. dedent:An ES6 string tag that strips indentation from multi-line strings
  510. deep-equal:node’s assert.deepEqual algorithm
  511. deep-extend:Recursive object extending
  512. deep-is:node’s assert.deepEqual algorithm except for NaN being equal to NaN
  513. deepmerge:A library for deep (recursive) merging of Javascript objects
  514. default-gateway:Get the default network gateway, cross-platform.
  515. define-lazy-prop:Define a lazily evaluated property on an object
  516. define-properties:Define multiple non-enumerable properties at once. Uses `Object.defineProperty` when available; fall…
  517. defined:return the first argument that is `!== undefined`
  518. del:Delete files and directories
  519. delayed-stream:Buffers events from a stream until you are ready to handle them.
  520. depd:Deprecate all the things
  521. dependency-graph:Simple dependency graph.
  522. destroy:destroy a stream if possible
  523. detect-newline:Detect the dominant newline character of a string
  524. detect-node:Detect Node.JS (as opposite to browser environment) (reliable)
  525. detect-port-alt:detect available port
  526. detective:find all require() calls by walking the AST
  527. didyoumean:Match human-quality input to potential matches by edit distance.
  528. diff-sequences:Compare items in two sequences to find a longest common subsequence
  529. dir-glob:Convert directories to glob compatible strings
  530. dlv:Safely get a dot-notated property within an object.
  531. dns-equal:Compare DNS record strings for equality
  532. dns-packet:An abstract-encoding compliant module for encoding / decoding DNS packets
  533. doctrine:JSDoc parser
  534. dom-accessibility-api:Implements https://w3c.github.io/accname/
  535. dom-converter:converts bare objects to DOM objects or xml representations
  536. dom-helpers:tiny modular DOM lib for ie9+
  537. dom-serializer:render domhandler DOM nodes to a string
  538. domelementtype:all the types of nodes in htmlparser2’s dom
  539. domexception:An implementation of the DOMException class from browsers
  540. domhandler:Handler for htmlparser2 that turns pages into a dom
  541. domutils:Utilities for working with htmlparser2’s dom
  542. dot-case:Transform into a lower case string with a period between words
  543. dotenv-expand:Expand environment variables using dotenv
  544. dotenv:Loads environment variables from .env file
  545. duplexer:Creates a duplex stream
  546. ee-first:return the first event in a set of ee/event pairs
  547. ejs:Embedded JavaScript templates
  548. electron-to-chromium:Provides a list of electron-to-chromium version mappings
  549. emittery:Simple and modern async event emitter
  550. emoji-regex:A regular expression to match all Emoji-only symbols as per the Unicode Standard.
  551. emojis-list:Complete list of standard emojis.
  552. encodeurl:Encode a URL to a percent-encoded form, excluding already-encoded sequences
  553. encoding:Convert encodings, uses iconv-lite
  554. engine.io-parser:Parser for the client for the realtime Engine
  555. engine.io:The realtime engine behind Socket.IO. Provides the foundation of a bidirectional connection between …
  556. enhanced-resolve:Offers a async require.resolve function. It’s highly configurable.
  557. entities:Encode & decode XML and HTML entities with ease & speed
  558. env-paths:Get paths for storing things like data, config, cache, etc
  559. err-code:Create an error with a code
  560. errno:libuv errno details exposed
  561. error-ex:Easy error subclassing and stack customization
  562. error-stack-parser:Extract meaning from JS Errors
  563. es-abstract:ECMAScript spec abstract operations.
  564. es-array-method-boxes-properly:Utility package to determine if an `Array.prototype` method properly boxes the callback’s receiver a…
  565. es-get-iterator:Get an iterator for any JS language value. Works robustly across all environments, all versions.
  566. es-module-lexer:Lexes ES modules returning their import/export metadata
  567. es-shim-unscopables:Helper package to shim a method into `Array.prototype[Symbol.unscopables]`
  568. es-to-primitive:ECMAScript “ToPrimitive” algorithm. Provides ES5 and ES2015 versions.
  569. esbuild-wasm:The cross-platform WebAssembly binary for esbuild, a JavaScript bundler.
  570. esbuild-windows-64:The Windows 64-bit binary for esbuild, a JavaScript bundler.
  571. esbuild:An extremely fast JavaScript and CSS bundler and minifier.
  572. escalade:A tiny (183B to 210B) and fast utility to ascend parent directories
  573. escape-html:Escape string for use in HTML
  574. escape-string-regexp:Escape RegExp special characters
  575. escodegen:ECMAScript code generator
  576. eslint-config-react-app:ESLint configuration used by Create React App
  577. eslint-import-resolver-node:Node default behavior import resolution plugin for eslint-plugin-import.
  578. eslint-module-utils:Core utilities to support eslint-plugin-import and other module-related plugins.
  579. eslint-plugin-flowtype:Flowtype linting rules for ESLint.
  580. eslint-plugin-import:Import with sanity.
  581. eslint-plugin-jest:ESLint rules for Jest
  582. eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y:Static AST checker for accessibility rules on JSX elements.
  583. eslint-plugin-react-hooks:ESLint rules for React Hooks
  584. eslint-plugin-react:React specific linting rules for ESLint
  585. eslint-plugin-testing-library:ESLint rules for Testing Library
  586. eslint-scope:ECMAScript scope analyzer for ESLint
  587. eslint-utils:Utilities for ESLint plugins.
  588. eslint-visitor-keys:Constants and utilities about visitor keys to traverse AST.
  589. eslint-webpack-plugin:A ESLint plugin for webpack
  590. eslint:An AST-based pattern checker for JavaScript.
  591. espree:An Esprima-compatible JavaScript parser built on Acorn
  592. esprima:ECMAScript parsing infrastructure for multipurpose analysis
  593. esquery:A query library for ECMAScript AST using a CSS selector like query language.
  594. esrecurse:ECMAScript AST recursive visitor
  595. estraverse:ECMAScript JS AST traversal functions
  596. estree-walker:Traverse an ESTree-compliant AST
  597. esutils:utility box for ECMAScript language tools
  598. etag:Create simple HTTP ETags
  599. eventemitter-asyncresource:AsyncResource integration for EventEmitter
  600. eventemitter3:EventEmitter3 focuses on performance while maintaining a Node.js AND browser compatible interface.
  601. events:Node’s event emitter for all engines.
  602. execa:Process execution for humans
  603. exit:A replacement for process.exit that ensures stdio are fully drained before exiting.
  604. expect:This package exports the `expect` function used in [Jest](https://jestjs.io/). You can find its docu…
  605. express:Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework
  606. extend:Port of jQuery.extend for node.js and the browser
  607. external-editor:Edit a string with the users preferred text editor using $VISUAL or $ENVIRONMENT
  608. fast-deep-equal:Fast deep equal
  609. fast-glob:It’s a very fast and efficient glob library for Node.js
  610. fast-json-patch:Fast implementation of JSON-Patch (RFC-6902) with duplex (observe changes) capabilities
  611. fast-json-stable-stringify:deterministic `JSON.stringify()` – a faster version of substack’s json-stable-strigify without jsoni…
  612. fast-levenshtein:Efficient implementation of Levenshtein algorithm with locale-specific collator support.
  613. fastq:Fast, in memory work queue
  614. faye-websocket:Standards-compliant WebSocket server and client
  615. fb-watchman:Bindings for the Watchman file watching service
  616. figures:Unicode symbols with fallbacks for older terminals
  617. file-entry-cache:Super simple cache for file metadata, useful for process that work o a given series of files and tha…
  618. file-loader:A file loader module for webpack
  619. file-saver:An HTML5 saveAs() FileSaver implementation
  620. filelist:Lazy-evaluating list of files, based on globs or regex patterns
  621. filesize:JavaScript library to generate a human readable String describing the file size
  622. fill-range:Fill in a range of numbers or letters, optionally passing an increment or `step` to use, or create a…
  623. finalhandler:Node.js final http responder
  624. find-cache-dir:Finds the common standard cache directory
  625. find-root:find the closest package.json
  626. find-up:Find a file or directory by walking up parent directories
  627. flat-cache:A stupidly simple key/value storage using files to persist some data
  628. flatted:A super light and fast circular JSON parser.
  629. flatten:Flatten arbitrarily nested arrays into a non-nested list of non-array items. Maintained for legacy c…
  630. follow-redirects:HTTP and HTTPS modules that follow redirects.
  631. for-each:A better forEach
  632. fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin:Runs typescript type checker and linter on separate process.
  633. form-data-encoder:Encode FormData content into the multipart/form-data format
  634. form-data:A library to create readable “multipart/form-data” streams. Can be used to submit forms and file upl…
  635. formdata-node:Spec-compliant FormData implementation for Node.js
  636. forwarded:Parse HTTP X-Forwarded-For header
  637. fraction.js:A rational number library
  638. fresh:HTTP response freshness testing
  639. fs-extra:fs-extra contains methods that aren’t included in the vanilla Node.js fs package. Such as recursive …
  640. fs-minipass:fs read and write streams based on minipass
  641. fs-monkey:Monkey patches for file system related things.
  642. fs.realpath:Use node’s fs.realpath, but fall back to the JS implementation if the native one fails
  643. function-bind:Implementation of Function.prototype.bind
  644. function.prototype.name:An ES2015 spec-compliant `Function.prototype.name` shim
  645. functions-have-names:Does this JS environment support the `name` property on functions?
  646. gauge:A terminal based horizontal gauge
  647. gensync:Allows users to use generators in order to write common functions that can be both sync or async.
  648. get-caller-file:[![Build Status](https://travis-ci.org/stefanpenner/get-caller-file.svg?branch=master)](https://trav…
  649. get-intrinsic:Get and robustly cache all JS language-level intrinsics at first require time
  650. get-own-enumerable-property-symbols:Returns an array of all enumerable symbol properties found directly upon a given object
  651. get-package-type:Determine the `package.json#type` which applies to a location
  652. get-stream:Get a stream as a string, buffer, or array
  653. get-symbol-description:Gets the description of a Symbol. Handles `Symbol()` vs `Symbol(”)` properly when possible.
  654. glob-parent:Extract the non-magic parent path from a glob string.
  655. glob-to-regexp:Convert globs to regular expressions
  656. glob:a little globber
  657. global-modules:The directory used by npm for globally installed npm modules.
  658. global-prefix:Get the npm global path prefix.
  659. globals:Global identifiers from different JavaScript environments
  660. globby:User-friendly glob matching
  661. graceful-fs:A drop-in replacement for fs, making various improvements.
  662. grapheme-splitter:A JavaScript library that breaks strings into their individual user-perceived characters. It support…
  663. graphql:A Query Language and Runtime which can target any service.
  664. gzip-size:Get the gzipped size of a string or buffer
  665. handle-thing:Wrap Streams2 instance into a HandleWrap
  666. har-validator:Extremely fast HTTP Archive (HAR) validator using JSON Schema
  667. harmony-reflect:ES5 shim for ES6 (ECMAScript 6) Reflect and Proxy objects
  668. has-bigints:Determine if the JS environment has BigInt support.
  669. has-flag:Check if argv has a specific flag
  670. has-property-descriptors:Does the environment have full property descriptor support? Handles IE 8’s broken defineProperty/gOP…
  671. has-symbols:Determine if the JS environment has Symbol support. Supports spec, or shams.
  672. has-tostringtag:Determine if the JS environment has `Symbol.toStringTag` support. Supports spec, or shams.
  673. has:Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty.call shortcut
  674. hdr-histogram-js:TypeScript port of HdrHistogram
  675. hdr-histogram-percentiles-obj:A little lib for turning hdr-histogram-js to objects
  676. he:A robust HTML entities encoder/decoder with full Unicode support.
  677. hoist-non-react-statics:Copies non-react specific statics from a child component to a parent component
  678. hoopy:Like an array, but rounder.
  679. hosted-git-info:Provides metadata and conversions from repository urls for GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab
  680. hpack.js:HPACK implementation
  681. html-encoding-sniffer:Sniff the encoding from a HTML byte stream
  682. html-entities:Fastest HTML entities encode/decode library.
  683. html-escaper:fast and safe way to escape and unescape &<>'” chars
  684. html-minifier-terser:Highly configurable, well-tested, JavaScript-based HTML minifier.
  685. html-webpack-plugin:Simplifies creation of HTML files to serve your webpack bundles
  686. htmlparser2:Fast & forgiving HTML/XML parser
  687. http-cache-semantics:Parses Cache-Control and other headers. Helps building correct HTTP caches and proxies
  688. http-deceiver:Deceive HTTP parser
  689. http-errors:Create HTTP error objects
  690. http-parser-js:A pure JS HTTP parser for node.
  691. http-proxy-agent:An HTTP(s) proxy `http.Agent` implementation for HTTP
  692. http-proxy-middleware:The one-liner node.js proxy middleware for connect, express and browser-sync
  693. http-proxy:HTTP proxying for the masses
  694. https-proxy-agent:An HTTP(s) proxy `http.Agent` implementation for HTTPS
  695. human-signals:Human-friendly process signals
  696. i:custom inflections for nodejs
  697. iconv-lite:Convert character encodings in pure javascript.
  698. icss-utils:ICSS utils for postcss ast
  699. idb:A small wrapper that makes IndexedDB usable
  700. identity-obj-proxy:an identity object using ES6 proxies
  701. ieee754:Read/write IEEE754 floating point numbers from/to a Buffer or array-like object
  702. ignore-walk:Nested/recursive `.gitignore`/`.npmignore` parsing and filtering.
  703. ignore:Ignore is a manager and filter for .gitignore rules, the one used by eslint, gitbook and many others…
  704. immer:Create your next immutable state by mutating the current one
  705. immutable:Immutable Data Collections
  706. import-fresh:Import a module while bypassing the cache
  707. import-local:Let a globally installed package use a locally installed version of itself if available
  708. imurmurhash:An incremental implementation of MurmurHash3
  709. indent-string:Indent each line in a string
  710. infer-owner:Infer the owner of a path based on the owner of its nearest existing parent
  711. inflight:Add callbacks to requests in flight to avoid async duplication
  712. inherits:Browser-friendly inheritance fully compatible with standard node.js inherits()
  713. ini:An ini encoder/decoder for node
  714. inquirer:A collection of common interactive command line user interfaces.
  715. install:Minimal JavaScript module loader
  716. internal-ip:Get your internal IP address
  717. internal-slot:ES spec-like internal slots
  718. intro.js:User Onboarding and Product Walkthrough Library
  719. ip-regex:Regular expression for matching IP addresses (IPv4 & IPv6)
  720. ipaddr.js:A library for manipulating IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in JavaScript.
  721. is-arguments:Is this an arguments object? It’s a harder question than you think.
  722. is-arrayish:Determines if an object can be used as an array
  723. is-bigint:Is this value an ES BigInt?
  724. is-binary-path:Check if a file path is a binary file
  725. is-boolean-object:Is this value a JS Boolean? This module works cross-realm/iframe, and despite ES6 @@toStringTag.
  726. is-callable:Is this JS value callable? Works with Functions and GeneratorFunctions, despite ES6 @@toStringTag.
  727. is-core-module:Is this specifier a node.js core module?
  728. is-date-object:Is this value a JS Date object? This module works cross-realm/iframe, and despite ES6 @@toStringTag.
  729. is-docker:Check if the process is running inside a Docker container
  730. is-extglob:Returns true if a string has an extglob.
  731. is-fullwidth-code-point:Check if the character represented by a given Unicode code point is fullwidth
  732. is-generator-fn:Check if something is a generator function
  733. is-glob:Returns `true` if the given string looks like a glob pattern or an extglob pattern. This makes it ea…
  734. is-interactive:Check if stdout or stderr is interactive
  735. is-ip:Check if a string is an IP address
  736. is-map:Is this value a JS Map? This module works cross-realm/iframe, and despite ES6 @@toStringTag.
  737. is-module:check if a source string is an es6 module
  738. is-negative-zero:Is this value negative zero? === will lie to you
  739. is-number-object:Is this value a JS Number object? This module works cross-realm/iframe, and despite ES6 @@toStringTa…
  740. is-number:Returns true if a number or string value is a finite number. Useful for regex matches, parsing, user…
  741. is-obj:Check if a value is an object
  742. is-path-cwd:Check if a path is the current working directory
  743. is-path-inside:Check if a path is inside another path
  744. is-plain-obj:Check if a value is a plain object
  745. is-plain-object:Returns true if an object was created by the `Object` constructor, or Object.create(null).
  746. is-potential-custom-element-name:Check whether a given string matches the `PotentialCustomElementName` production as defined in the H…
  747. is-regex:Is this value a JS regex? Works cross-realm/iframe, and despite ES6 @@toStringTag
  748. is-regexp:Check if a value is a regular expression
  749. is-root:Check if the process is running as root user, for example, one started with `sudo`
  750. is-set:Is this value a JS Set? This module works cross-realm/iframe, and despite ES6 @@toStringTag.
  751. is-shared-array-buffer:Is this value a JS SharedArrayBuffer?
  752. is-stream:Check if something is a Node.js stream
  753. is-string:Is this value a JS String object or primitive? This module works cross-realm/iframe, and despite ES6…
  754. is-symbol:Determine if a value is an ES6 Symbol or not.
  755. is-typed-array:Is this value a JS Typed Array? This module works cross-realm/iframe, does not depend on `instanceof…
  756. is-typedarray:Detect whether or not an object is a Typed Array
  757. is-unicode-supported:Detect whether the terminal supports Unicode
  758. is-weakmap:Is this value a JS WeakMap? This module works cross-realm/iframe, and despite ES6 @@toStringTag.
  759. is-weakref:Is this value a JS WeakRef? This module works cross-realm/iframe, and despite ES6 @@toStringTag.
  760. is-weakset:Is this value a JS WeakSet? This module works cross-realm/iframe, and despite ES6 @@toStringTag.
  761. is-what:JS type check (TypeScript supported) functions like `isPlainObject() isArray()` etc. A simple & smal…
  762. is-wsl:Check if the process is running inside Windows Subsystem for Linux (Bash on Windows)
  763. isarray:Array#isArray for older browsers
  764. isbinaryfile:Detects if a file is binary in Node.js. Similar to Perl’s -B.
  765. isexe:Minimal module to check if a file is executable.
  766. istanbul-lib-coverage:Data library for istanbul coverage objects
  767. istanbul-lib-instrument:Core istanbul API for JS code coverage
  768. istanbul-lib-report:Base reporting library for istanbul
  769. istanbul-lib-source-maps:Source maps support for istanbul
  770. istanbul-reports:istanbul reports
  771. jake:JavaScript build tool, similar to Make or Rake
  772. jasmine-core:Simple JavaScript testing framework for browsers and node.js
  773. jest-changed-files:A module used internally by Jest to check which files have changed since you last committed in git o…
  774. jest-circus:[type-definitions]: https://github.com/facebook/jest/blob/main/packages/jest-types/src/Circus.ts
  775. jest-cli:Delightful JavaScript Testing.
  776. jest-diff:Display differences clearly so people can review changes confidently.
  777. jest-docblock:`jest-docblock` is a package that can extract and parse a specially-formatted comment called a “docb…
  778. jest-each:Parameterised tests for Jest
  779. jest-get-type:A utility function to get the type of a value
  780. jest-leak-detector:Module for verifying whether an object has been garbage collected or not.
  781. jest-matcher-utils:A set of utility functions for expect and related packages
  782. jest-mock:**Note:** More details on user side API can be found in [Jest documentation](https://jestjs.io/docs/…
  783. jest-pnp-resolver:plug’n’play resolver for Webpack
  784. jest-serializer:> DEPRECATED: Use `v8` APIs directly: https://nodejs.org/api/v8.html#serialization-api
  785. jest-validate:Generic configuration validation tool that helps you with warnings, errors and deprecation messages …
  786. jest-watch-typeahead:Jest plugin for filtering by filename or test name
  787. jest-watcher:Delightful JavaScript Testing.
  788. jest-worker:Module for executing heavy tasks under forked processes in parallel, by providing a `Promise` based …
  789. jest:Delightful JavaScript Testing.
  790. js-interpreter:NPM package for https://github.com/NeilFraser/JS-Interpreter
  791. js-sdsl:javascript standard data structure library which benchmark against C++ STL
  792. js-tokens:Tiny JavaScript tokenizer.
  793. js-yaml:YAML 1.2 parser and serializer
  794. jsdom:A JavaScript implementation of many web standards
  795. jsesc:Given some data, jsesc returns the shortest possible stringified & ASCII-safe representation of that…
  796. json-parse-better-errors:JSON.parse with context information on error
  797. json-parse-even-better-errors:JSON.parse with context information on error
  798. json-schema-traverse:Traverse JSON Schema passing each schema object to callback
  799. json-schema:JSON Schema validation and specifications
  800. json-stable-stringify-without-jsonify:deterministic JSON.stringify() with custom sorting to get deterministic hashes from stringified resu…
  801. json5:JSON for Humans
  802. jsonc-parser:Scanner and parser for JSON with comments.
  803. jsonfile:Easily read/write JSON files.
  804. jsonld:A JSON-LD Processor and API implementation in JavaScript.
  805. jsonpointer:Simple JSON Addressing.
  806. jsprim:utilities for primitive JavaScript types
  807. jsx-ast-utils:AST utility module for statically analyzing JSX
  808. karma-chrome-launcher:A Karma plugin. Launcher for Chrome and Chrome Canary.
  809. karma-coverage:A Karma plugin. Generate code coverage.
  810. karma-jasmine-html-reporter:A Karma plugin. Dynamically displays tests results at debug.html page
  811. karma-jasmine:A Karma plugin – adapter for Jasmine testing framework.
  812. karma-source-map-support:Karma plugin for inline sourcemap support
  813. karma:Spectacular Test Runner for JavaScript.
  814. kind-of:Get the native type of a value.
  815. kleur:The fastest Node.js library for formatting terminal text with ANSI colors~!
  816. klona:A tiny (240B to 501B) and fast utility to “deep clone” Objects, Arrays, Dates, RegExps, and more!
  817. language-subtag-registry:Full BCP 47 language subtag data from the official IANA repository, in JSON format with multiple ind…
  818. language-tags:Work with IANA language tags.
  819. less-loader:A Less loader for webpack. Compiles Less to CSS.
  820. less:Leaner CSS
  821. leven:Measure the difference between two strings using the Levenshtein distance algorithm
  822. levn:Light ECMAScript (JavaScript) Value Notation – human written, concise, typed, flexible
  823. license-webpack-plugin:Outputs licenses from 3rd party libraries to a file
  824. lilconfig:A zero-dependency alternative to cosmiconfig
  825. lines-and-columns:Maps lines and columns to character offsets and back.
  826. loader-runner:Runs (webpack) loaders
  827. loader-utils:utils for webpack loaders
  828. locate-path:Get the first path that exists on disk of multiple paths
  829. lodash.debounce:The lodash method `_.debounce` exported as a module.
  830. lodash.memoize:The lodash method `_.memoize` exported as a module.
  831. lodash.merge:The Lodash method `_.merge` exported as a module.
  832. lodash.sortby:The lodash method `_.sortBy` exported as a module.
  833. lodash.uniq:The lodash method `_.uniq` exported as a module.
  834. lodash:Lodash modular utilities.
  835. log-symbols:Colored symbols for various log levels. Example: `✔︎ Success`
  836. log4js:Port of Log4js to work with node.
  837. loose-envify:Fast (and loose) selective `process.env` replacer using js-tokens instead of an AST
  838. lower-case:Transforms the string to lower case
  839. lru-cache:A cache object that deletes the least-recently-used items.
  840. lz-string:LZ-based compression algorithm
  841. magic-string:Modify strings, generate sourcemaps
  842. make-dir:Make a directory and its parents if needed – Think `mkdir -p`
  843. make-fetch-happen:Opinionated, caching, retrying fetch client
  844. makeerror:A library to make errors.
  845. mdn-data:Open Web data by the Mozilla Developer Network
  846. media-typer:Simple RFC 6838 media type parser and formatter
  847. memfs:In-memory file-system with Node’s fs API.
  848. merge-descriptors:Merge objects using descriptors
  849. merge-stream:Create a stream that emits events from multiple other streams
  850. merge2:Merge multiple streams into one stream in sequence or parallel.
  851. methods:HTTP methods that node supports
  852. micromatch:Glob matching for javascript/node.js. A replacement and faster alternative to minimatch and multimat…
  853. mime-db:Media Type Database
  854. mime-types:The ultimate javascript content-type utility.
  855. mime:A comprehensive library for mime-type mapping
  856. mimic-fn:Make a function mimic another one
  857. min-indent:Get the shortest leading whitespace from lines in a string
  858. mini-css-extract-plugin:extracts CSS into separate files
  859. minimalistic-assert:minimalistic-assert ===
  860. minimatch:a glob matcher in javascript
  861. minimist:parse argument options
  862. minipass-collect:A Minipass stream that collects all the data into a single chunk
  863. minipass-fetch:An implementation of window.fetch in Node.js using Minipass streams
  864. minipass-flush:A Minipass stream that calls a flush function before emitting ‘end’
  865. minipass-json-stream:Like JSONStream, but using Minipass streams
  866. minipass-pipeline:create a pipeline of streams using Minipass
  867. minipass-sized:A Minipass stream that raises an error if you get a different number of bytes than expected
  868. minipass:minimal implementation of a PassThrough stream
  869. minizlib:A small fast zlib stream built on [minipass](http://npm.im/minipass) and Node.js’s zlib binding.
  870. mkdirp:Recursively mkdir, like `mkdir -p`
  871. monaco-editor:A browser based code editor
  872. ms:Tiny millisecond conversion utility
  873. multicast-dns:Low level multicast-dns implementation in pure javascript
  874. mute-stream:Bytes go in, but they don’t come out (when muted).
  875. nanoid:A tiny (116 bytes), secure URL-friendly unique string ID generator
  876. natural-compare-lite:Compare strings containing a mix of letters and numbers in the way a human being would in sort order…
  877. natural-compare:Compare strings containing a mix of letters and numbers in the way a human being would in sort order…
  878. needle:The leanest and most handsome HTTP client in the Nodelands.
  879. negotiator:HTTP content negotiation
  880. neo-async:Neo-Async is a drop-in replacement for Async, it almost fully covers its functionality and runs fast…
  881. ngx-monaco-editor:Monaco Code Editor for Angular
  882. no-case:Transform into a lower cased string with spaces between words
  883. node-addon-api:Node.js API (Node-API)
  884. node-domexception:An implementation of the DOMException class from NodeJS
  885. node-fetch:A light-weight module that brings Fetch API to node.js
  886. node-forge:JavaScript implementations of network transports, cryptography, ciphers, PKI, message digests, and v…
  887. node-gyp-build:Build tool and bindings loader for node-gyp that supports prebuilds
  888. node-gyp:Node.js native addon build tool
  889. node-int64:Support for representing 64-bit integers in JavaScript
  890. node-releases:Node.js releases data
  891. nopt:Option parsing for Node, supporting types, shorthands, etc. Used by npm.
  892. normalize-path:Normalize slashes in a file path to be posix/unix-like forward slashes. Also condenses repeat slashe…
  893. normalize-range:Utility for normalizing a numeric range, with a wrapping function useful for polar coordinates
  894. normalize-url:Normalize a URL
  895. npm-bundled:list things in node_modules that are bundledDependencies, or transitive dependencies thereof
  896. npm-install-checks:Check the engines and platform fields in package.json
  897. npm-normalize-package-bin:Turn any flavor of allowable package.json bin into a normalized object
  898. npm-package-arg:Parse the things that can be arguments to `npm install`
  899. npm-packlist:Get a list of the files to add from a folder into an npm package
  900. npm-pick-manifest:Resolves a matching manifest from a package metadata document according to standard npm semver resol…
  901. npm-registry-fetch:Fetch-based http client for use with npm registry APIs
  902. npm-run-path:Get your PATH prepended with locally installed binaries
  903. npm:a package manager for JavaScript
  904. npmlog:logger for npm
  905. nth-check:Parses and compiles CSS nth-checks to highly optimized functions.
  906. nwsapi:Fast CSS Selectors API Engine
  907. oauth-sign:OAuth 1 signing. Formerly a vendor lib in mikeal/request, now a standalone module.
  908. object-assign:ES2015 `Object.assign()` ponyfill
  909. object-hash:Generate hashes from javascript objects in node and the browser.
  910. object-inspect:string representations of objects in node and the browser
  911. object-is:ES2015-compliant shim for Object.is – differentiates between -0 and +0
  912. object-keys:An Object.keys replacement, in case Object.keys is not available. From https://github.com/es-shims/e…
  913. object.assign:ES6 spec-compliant Object.assign shim. From https://github.com/es-shims/es6-shim
  914. object.entries:ES2017 spec-compliant Object.entries shim.
  915. object.fromentries:ES proposal-spec-compliant Object.fromEntries shim.
  916. object.getownpropertydescriptors:ES2017 spec-compliant shim for `Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptors` that works in ES5.
  917. object.hasown:ES spec-compliant shim for Object.hasOwn
  918. object.values:ES2017 spec-compliant Object.values shim.
  919. obuf:Byte buffer specialized for data in chunks with special cases for dropping bytes in the front, mergi…
  920. on-finished:Execute a callback when a request closes, finishes, or errors
  921. on-headers:Execute a listener when a response is about to write headers
  922. once:Run a function exactly one time
  923. onetime:Ensure a function is only called once
  924. open:Open stuff like URLs, files, executables. Cross-platform.
  925. openapi-types:Types for OpenAPI documents.
  926. optionator:option parsing and help generation
  927. ora:Elegant terminal spinner
  928. p-event:Promisify an event by waiting for it to be emitted
  929. p-limit:Run multiple promise-returning & async functions with limited concurrency
  930. p-locate:Get the first fulfilled promise that satisfies the provided testing function
  931. p-map:Map over promises concurrently
  932. p-retry:Retry a promise-returning or async function
  933. p-timeout:Timeout a promise after a specified amount of time
  934. p-try:`Start a promise chain
  935. pacote:JavaScript package downloader
  936. pako:zlib port to javascript – fast, modularized, with browser support
  937. param-case:Transform into a lower cased string with dashes between words
  938. parent-module:Get the path of the parent module
  939. parse-json:Parse JSON with more helpful errors
  940. parse-node-version:Turn node’s process.version into something useful.
  941. parse5-html-rewriting-stream:Streaming HTML rewriter.
  942. parse5-htmlparser2-tree-adapter:htmlparser2 tree adapter for parse5.
  943. parse5-sax-parser:Streaming SAX-style HTML parser.
  944. parse5:HTML parser and serializer.
  945. parseurl:parse a url with memoization
  946. pascal-case:Transform into a string of capitalized words without separators
  947. path-exists:Check if a path exists
  948. path-is-absolute:Node.js 0.12 path.isAbsolute() ponyfill
  949. path-key:Get the PATH environment variable key cross-platform
  950. path-parse:Node.js path.parse() ponyfill
  951. path-to-regexp:Express style path to RegExp utility
  952. path-type:Check if a path is a file, directory, or symlink
  953. performance-now:Implements performance.now (based on process.hrtime).
  954. picocolors:The tiniest and the fastest library for terminal output formatting with ANSI colors
  955. picomatch:Blazing fast and accurate glob matcher written in JavaScript, with no dependencies and full support …
  956. pify:Promisify a callback-style function
  957. pirates:Properly hijack require
  958. piscina:A fast, efficient Node.js Worker Thread Pool implementation
  959. pkg-dir:Find the root directory of a Node.js project or npm package
  960. pkg-up:Find the closest package.json file
  961. pn:Promisify the node standard library.
  962. portfinder:A simple tool to find an open port on the current machine
  963. postcss-attribute-case-insensitive:Enable support for case insensitive attribute matching in selectors
  964. postcss-browser-comments:Keep only the CSS you need based on comments and your browserslist
  965. postcss-calc:PostCSS plugin to reduce calc()
  966. postcss-clamp:PostCSS plugin to transform clamp() to combination of min/max
  967. postcss-color-functional-notation:Use space and slash separated color notation in CSS
  968. postcss-color-gray:Use the gray() color function in CSS
  969. postcss-color-hex-alpha:Use 4 & 8 character hex color notation in CSS
  970. postcss-color-mod-function:Modify colors using the color-mod() function in CSS
  971. postcss-color-rebeccapurple:Use the rebeccapurple color keyword in CSS
  972. postcss-colormin:Minify colors in your CSS files with PostCSS.
  973. postcss-convert-values:Convert values with PostCSS (e.g. ms -> s)
  974. postcss-custom-media:Use Custom Media Queries in CSS
  975. postcss-custom-properties:Use Custom Properties Queries in CSS
  976. postcss-custom-selectors:Use Custom Selectors in CSS
  977. postcss-dir-pseudo-class:Use the :dir pseudo-class in CSS
  978. postcss-discard-comments:Discard comments in your CSS files with PostCSS.
  979. postcss-discard-duplicates:Discard duplicate rules in your CSS files with PostCSS.
  980. postcss-discard-empty:Discard empty rules and values with PostCSS.
  981. postcss-discard-overridden:PostCSS plugin to discard overridden @keyframes or @counter-style.
  982. postcss-double-position-gradients:Use double-position gradients in CSS
  983. postcss-env-function:Use env() variables in CSS
  984. postcss-flexbugs-fixes:PostCSS plugin This project tries to fix all of flexbug’s issues
  985. postcss-focus-visible:Use the :focus-visible pseudo-selector in CSS
  986. postcss-focus-within:Use the :focus-within pseudo-selector in CSS
  987. postcss-font-variant:PostCSS plugin to transform W3C font-variant properties to more compatible CSS (font-feature-settin…
  988. postcss-gap-properties:Use the gap, column-gap, and row-gap shorthand properties in CSS
  989. postcss-image-set-function:Display resolution-dependent images using the image-set() function in CSS
  990. postcss-import:PostCSS plugin to import CSS files
  991. postcss-initial:PostCSS plugin to fallback initial keyword.
  992. postcss-js:PostCSS for CSS-in-JS and styles in JS objects
  993. postcss-lab-function:Use lab() and lch() color functions in CSS
  994. postcss-load-config:Autoload Config for PostCSS
  995. postcss-loader:PostCSS loader for webpack
  996. postcss-logical:Use logical properties and values in CSS
  997. postcss-media-minmax:Using more intuitive `>=`, `<=`, `>`, `<` instead of media queries min/max prefix.
  998. postcss-merge-longhand:Merge longhand properties into shorthand with PostCSS.
  999. postcss-merge-rules:Merge CSS rules with PostCSS.
  1000. postcss-minify-font-values:Minify font declarations with PostCSS
  1001. postcss-minify-gradients:Minify gradient parameters with PostCSS.
  1002. postcss-minify-params:Minify at-rule params with PostCSS
  1003. postcss-minify-selectors:Minify selectors with PostCSS.
  1004. postcss-modules-extract-imports:A CSS Modules transform to extract local aliases for inline imports
  1005. postcss-modules-local-by-default:A CSS Modules transform to make local scope the default
  1006. postcss-modules-scope:A CSS Modules transform to extract export statements from local-scope classes
  1007. postcss-modules-values:PostCSS plugin for CSS Modules to pass arbitrary values between your module files
  1008. postcss-nested:PostCSS plugin to unwrap nested rules like how Sass does it
  1009. postcss-nesting:Nest rules inside each other in CSS
  1010. postcss-normalize-charset:Add necessary or remove extra charset with PostCSS
  1011. postcss-normalize-display-values:Normalize multiple value display syntaxes into single values.
  1012. postcss-normalize-positions:Normalize keyword values for position into length values.
  1013. postcss-normalize-repeat-style:Convert two value syntax for repeat-style into one value.
  1014. postcss-normalize-string:Normalize wrapping quotes for CSS string literals.
  1015. postcss-normalize-timing-functions:Normalize CSS animation/transition timing functions.
  1016. postcss-normalize-unicode:Normalize unicode-range descriptors, and can convert to wildcard ranges.
  1017. postcss-normalize-url:Normalize URLs with PostCSS
  1018. postcss-normalize-whitespace:Trim whitespace inside and around CSS rules & declarations.
  1019. postcss-normalize:Use the parts of normalize.css or sanitize.css you need from your browserslist
  1020. postcss-opacity-percentage:PostCSS plugin to transform percentage-based opacity values to more compatible floating-point values…
  1021. postcss-ordered-values:Ensure values are ordered consistently in your CSS.
  1022. postcss-overflow-shorthand:Use the overflow shorthand in CSS
  1023. postcss-page-break:PostCSS plugin postcss-page-break to fallback `break-` properties with `page-break-` alias
  1024. postcss-place:Use a place-* shorthand for align-* and justify-* in CSS
  1025. postcss-preset-env:Convert modern CSS into something browsers understand
  1026. postcss-pseudo-class-any-link:Use the :any-link pseudo-class in CSS
  1027. postcss-reduce-initial:Reduce initial definitions to the actual initial value, where possible.
  1028. postcss-reduce-transforms:Reduce transform functions with PostCSS.
  1029. postcss-replace-overflow-wrap:PostCSS plugin to replace overflow-wrap with word-wrap or optionally retain both declarations.
  1030. postcss-selector-matches:PostCSS plugin to transform :matches() W3C CSS pseudo class to more compatible CSS selectors
  1031. postcss-selector-not:PostCSS plugin to transform :not() W3C CSS level 4 pseudo class to :not() CSS level 3 selectors
  1032. postcss-selector-parser:> Selector parser with built in methods for working with selector strings.
  1033. postcss-svgo:Optimise inline SVG with PostCSS.
  1034. postcss-unique-selectors:Ensure CSS selectors are unique.
  1035. postcss-value-parser:Transforms css values and at-rule params into the tree
  1036. postcss-values-parser:A CSS property value parser for use with PostCSS
  1037. postcss:Tool for transforming styles with JS plugins
  1038. prelude-ls:prelude.ls is a functionally oriented utility library. It is powerful and flexible. Almost all of it…
  1039. pretty-bytes:Convert bytes to a human readable string: 1337 → 1.34 kB
  1040. pretty-error:See nodejs errors with less clutter
  1041. pretty-format:Stringify any JavaScript value.
  1042. process-nextick-args:process.nextTick but always with args
  1043. promise-retry:Retries a function that returns a promise, leveraging the power of the retry module.
  1044. promise:Bare bones Promises/A+ implementation
  1045. prompts:Lightweight, beautiful and user-friendly prompts
  1046. prop-types:Runtime type checking for React props and similar objects.
  1047. proxy-addr:Determine address of proxied request
  1048. psl:Domain name parser based on the Public Suffix List
  1049. punycode:A robust Punycode converter that fully complies to RFC 3492 and RFC 5891, and works on nearly all Ja…
  1050. q:A library for promises (CommonJS/Promises/A,B,D)
  1051. qjobs:qjobs is a simple and stupid queue job manager for nodejs
  1052. qs:A querystring parser that supports nesting and arrays, with a depth limit
  1053. querystringify:Querystringify – Small, simple but powerful query string parser.
  1054. queue-microtask:fast, tiny `queueMicrotask` shim for modern engines
  1055. quick-lru:Simple “Least Recently Used” (LRU) cache
  1056. raf:requestAnimationFrame polyfill for node and the browser
  1057. randombytes:random bytes from browserify stand alone
  1058. range-parser:Range header field string parser
  1059. raw-body:Get and validate the raw body of a readable stream.
  1060. rdf-canonize:An implementation of the RDF Dataset Normalization Algorithm in JavaScript
  1061. react-app-polyfill:Polyfills for various browsers including commonly used language features
  1062. react-dev-utils:webpack utilities used by Create React App
  1063. react-dom:React package for working with the DOM.
  1064. react-error-overlay:An overlay for displaying stack frames.
  1065. react-is:Brand checking of React Elements.
  1066. react-refresh:React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  1067. react-scripts:Configuration and scripts for Create React App.
  1068. react-transition-group:A react component toolset for managing animations
  1069. react:React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  1070. read-cache:Reads and caches the entire contents of a file until it is modified
  1071. read-package-json-fast:Like read-package-json, but faster
  1072. readable-stream:Node.js Streams, a user-land copy of the stream library from Node.js
  1073. readdirp:Recursive version of fs.readdir with streaming API.
  1074. recursive-readdir:Get an array of all files in a directory and subdirectories.
  1075. redent:Strip redundant indentation and indent the string
  1076. reflect-metadata:Polyfill for Metadata Reflection API
  1077. regenerate-unicode-properties:Regenerate sets for Unicode properties and values.
  1078. regenerate:Generate JavaScript-compatible regular expressions based on a given set of Unicode symbols or code p…
  1079. regenerator-runtime:Runtime for Regenerator-compiled generator and async functions.
  1080. regenerator-transform:Explode async and generator functions into a state machine.
  1081. regex-parser:A module that parses a string as regular expression and returns the parsed value.
  1082. regexp.prototype.flags:ES6 spec-compliant RegExp.prototype.flags shim.
  1083. regexpp:Regular expression parser for ECMAScript.
  1084. regexpu-core:regexpu’s core functionality (i.e. `rewritePattern(pattern, flag)`), capable of translating ES6 Unic…
  1085. regjsgen:Generate regular expressions from regjsparser’s AST.
  1086. regjsparser:Parsing the JavaScript’s RegExp in JavaScript.
  1087. relateurl:Minify URLs by converting them from absolute to relative.
  1088. renderkid:Stylish console.log for node
  1089. request-promise-core:Core Promise support implementation for the simplified HTTP request client ‘request’.
  1090. request-promise-native:The simplified HTTP request client ‘request’ with Promise support. Powered by native ES6 promises.
  1091. request:Simplified HTTP request client.
  1092. require-directory:Recursively iterates over specified directory, require()’ing each file, and returning a nested hash …
  1093. require-from-string:Require module from string
  1094. requires-port:Check if a protocol requires a certain port number to be added to an URL.
  1095. resolve-cwd:Resolve the path of a module like `require.resolve()` but from the current working directory
  1096. resolve-from:Resolve the path of a module like `require.resolve()` but from a given path
  1097. resolve-url-loader:Webpack loader that resolves relative paths in url() statements based on the original source file
  1098. resolve.exports:A tiny (737b), correct, general-purpose, and configurable “exports” resolver without file-system rel…
  1099. resolve:resolve like require.resolve() on behalf of files asynchronously and synchronously
  1100. restore-cursor:Gracefully restore the CLI cursor on exit
  1101. retry:Abstraction for exponential and custom retry strategies for failed operations.
  1102. reusify:Reuse objects and functions with style
  1103. rfdc:Really Fast Deep Clone
  1104. rimraf:A deep deletion module for node (like `rm -rf`)
  1105. rollup-plugin-terser:Rollup plugin to minify generated es bundle
  1106. rollup:Next-generation ES module bundler
  1107. run-async:Utility method to run function either synchronously or asynchronously using the common `this.async()…
  1108. run-parallel:Run an array of functions in parallel
  1109. rxjs:Reactive Extensions for modern JavaScript
  1110. safe-buffer:Safer Node.js Buffer API
  1111. safe-regex-test:Give a regex, get a robust predicate function that tests it against a string.
  1112. safer-buffer:Modern Buffer API polyfill without footguns
  1113. sanitize.css:A best-practices CSS foundation
  1114. sass-loader:Sass loader for webpack
  1115. sass:A pure JavaScript implementation of Sass.
  1116. sax:An evented streaming XML parser in JavaScript
  1117. saxes:An evented streaming XML parser in JavaScript
  1118. scheduler:Cooperative scheduler for the browser environment.
  1119. schema-utils:webpack Validation Utils
  1120. select-hose:Select protocol using first bytes of incoming data and hose stuff to the handler
  1121. selfsigned:Generate self signed certificates private and public keys
  1122. semver:The semantic version parser used by npm.
  1123. send:Better streaming static file server with Range and conditional-GET support
  1124. serialize-javascript:Serialize JavaScript to a superset of JSON that includes regular expressions and functions.
  1125. serve-index:Serve directory listings
  1126. serve-static:Serve static files
  1127. setprototypeof:A small polyfill for Object.setprototypeof
  1128. shallow-clone:Creates a shallow clone of any JavaScript value.
  1129. shebang-command:Get the command from a shebang
  1130. shebang-regex:Regular expression for matching a shebang line
  1131. shell-quote:quote and parse shell commands
  1132. side-channel:Store information about any JS value in a side channel. Uses WeakMap if available.
  1133. signal-exit:when you want to fire an event no matter how a process exits.
  1134. sisteransi:ANSI escape codes for some terminal swag
  1135. slash:Convert Windows backslash paths to slash paths
  1136. smart-buffer:smart-buffer is a Buffer wrapper that adds automatic read & write offset tracking, string operations…
  1137. socket.io-adapter:default socket.io in-memory adapter
  1138. socket.io-parser:socket.io protocol parser
  1139. socket.io:node.js realtime framework server
  1140. sockjs:SockJS-node is a server counterpart of SockJS-client a JavaScript library that provides a WebSocket-…
  1141. socks-proxy-agent:A SOCKS proxy `http.Agent` implementation for HTTP and HTTPS
  1142. socks:Fully featured SOCKS proxy client supporting SOCKSv4, SOCKSv4a, and SOCKSv5. Includes Bind and Assoc…
  1143. source-list-map:Fast line to line SourceMap generator.
  1144. source-map-js:Generates and consumes source maps
  1145. source-map-loader:extracts inlined source map and offers it to webpack
  1146. source-map-resolve:Resolve the source map and/or sources for a generated file.
  1147. source-map-support:Fixes stack traces for files with source maps
  1148. source-map:Generates and consumes source maps
  1149. sourcemap-codec:Encode/decode sourcemap mappings
  1150. spdy-transport:SPDY v2, v3, v3.1 and HTTP2 transport
  1151. spdy:Implementation of the SPDY protocol on node.js.
  1152. sprintf-js:JavaScript sprintf implementation
  1153. sshpk:A library for finding and using SSH public keys
  1154. ssri:Standard Subresource Integrity library — parses, serializes, generates, and verifies integrity meta…
  1155. stable:A stable array sort for JavaScript
  1156. stack-utils:Captures and cleans stack traces
  1157. stackframe:JS Object representation of a stack frame
  1158. statuses:HTTP status utility
  1159. streamroller:file streams that roll over when size limits, or dates are reached
  1160. string_decoder:The string_decoder module from Node core
  1161. string-length:Get the real length of a string – by correctly counting astral symbols and ignoring ansi escape code…
  1162. string-natural-compare:Compare alphanumeric strings the same way a human would, using a natural order algorithm
  1163. string-width:Get the visual width of a string – the number of columns required to display it
  1164. string.prototype.matchall:Spec-compliant polyfill for String.prototype.matchAll
  1165. string.prototype.trimend:ES2019 spec-compliant String.prototype.trimEnd shim.
  1166. string.prototype.trimstart:ES2019 spec-compliant String.prototype.trimStart shim.
  1167. stringify-object:Stringify an object/array like JSON.stringify just without all the double-quotes
  1168. strip-ansi:Strip ANSI escape codes from a string
  1169. strip-bom:Strip UTF-8 byte order mark (BOM) from a string
  1170. strip-comments:Strip line and/or block comments from a string. Blazing fast, and works with JavaScript, Sass, CSS, …
  1171. strip-final-newline:Strip the final newline character from a string/buffer
  1172. strip-indent:Strip leading whitespace from each line in a string
  1173. strip-json-comments:Strip comments from JSON. Lets you use comments in your JSON files!
  1174. style-loader:style loader module for webpack
  1175. stylehacks:Detect/remove browser hacks from CSS files.
  1176. stylis:A Light–weight CSS Preprocessor
  1177. stylus-loader:Stylus loader for webpack
  1178. stylus:Robust, expressive, and feature-rich CSS superset
  1179. supports-color:Detect whether a terminal supports color
  1180. supports-hyperlinks:Detect if your terminal emulator supports hyperlinks
  1181. supports-preserve-symlinks-flag:Determine if the current node version supports the `–preserve-symlinks` flag.
  1182. svg-parser:Create a JSON-friendly object from an SVG string
  1183. svgo:Nodejs-based tool for optimizing SVG vector graphics files
  1184. swagger-client:SwaggerJS – a collection of interfaces for OAI specs
  1185. swagger-parser:Swagger 2.0 and OpenAPI 3.0 parser and validator for Node and browsers
  1186. symbol-observable:Symbol.observable ponyfill
  1187. symbol-tree:Turn any collection of objects into its own efficient tree or linked list using Symbol
  1188. tabulator-tables:Interactive table generation JavaScript library
  1189. tailwindcss:A utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building custom user interfaces.
  1190. tapable:Just a little module for plugins.
  1191. tar:tar for node
  1192. temp-dir:Get the real path of the system temp directory
  1193. tempy:Get a random temporary file or directory path
  1194. terminal-link:Create clickable links in the terminal
  1195. terser-webpack-plugin:Terser plugin for webpack
  1196. terser:JavaScript parser, mangler/compressor and beautifier toolkit for ES6+
  1197. test-exclude:test for inclusion or exclusion of paths using globs
  1198. text-table:borderless text tables with alignment
  1199. throat:Throttle the parallelism of an asynchronous (promise returning) function / functions
  1200. thunky:delay the evaluation of a paramless async function and cache the result
  1201. tmp:Temporary file and directory creator
  1202. tmpl:JavaScript micro templates.
  1203. to-fast-properties:Force V8 to use fast properties for an object
  1204. to-regex-range:Pass two numbers, get a regex-compatible source string for matching ranges. Validated against more t…
  1205. toidentifier:Convert a string of words to a JavaScript identifier
  1206. tough-cookie:RFC6265 Cookies and Cookie Jar for node.js
  1207. tr46:An implementation of the Unicode UTS #46: Unicode IDNA Compatibility Processing
  1208. tree-kill:kill trees of processes
  1209. tryer:Because everyone loves a tryer! Conditional and repeated task invocation for node and browser.
  1210. tsconfig-paths:Load node modules according to tsconfig paths, in run-time or via API.
  1211. tslib:Runtime library for TypeScript helper functions
  1212. tsutils:utilities for working with typescript’s AST
  1213. type-check:type-check allows you to check the types of JavaScript values at runtime with a Haskell like type sy…
  1214. type-detect:Improved typeof detection for node.js and the browser.
  1215. type-fest:A collection of essential TypeScript types
  1216. type-is:Infer the content-type of a request.
  1217. typed-assert:typesafe assertion library for TypeScript 3.7+
  1218. typedarray-to-buffer:Convert a typed array to a Buffer without a copy
  1219. typescript:TypeScript is a language for application scale JavaScript development
  1220. ua-parser-js:Detect Browser, Engine, OS, CPU, and Device type/model from User-Agent data. Supports browser & node…
  1221. unbox-primitive:Unbox a boxed JS primitive value.
  1222. unicode-canonical-property-names-ecmascript:The set of canonical Unicode property names supported in ECMAScript RegExp property escapes.
  1223. unicode-match-property-ecmascript:Match a Unicode property or property alias to its canonical property name per the algorithm used for…
  1224. unicode-match-property-value-ecmascript:Match a Unicode property or property alias to its canonical property name per the algorithm used for…
  1225. unicode-property-aliases-ecmascript:Unicode property alias mappings in JavaScript format for property names that are supported in ECMASc…
  1226. unique-filename:Generate a unique filename for use in temporary directories or caches.
  1227. unique-slug:Generate a unique character string suitible for use in files and URLs.
  1228. unique-string:Generate a unique random string
  1229. universalify:Make a callback- or promise-based function support both promises and callbacks.
  1230. unpipe:Unpipe a stream from all destinations
  1231. unquote:Remove wrapping quotes from a string.
  1232. upath:A proxy to `path`, replacing `\` with `/` for all results (supports UNC paths) & new methods to norm…
  1233. update-browserslist-db:CLI tool to update caniuse-lite to refresh target browsers from Browserslist config
  1234. uri-js:An RFC 3986/3987 compliant, scheme extendable URI/IRI parsing/validating/resolving library for JavaS…
  1235. url-parse:Small footprint URL parser that works seamlessly across Node.js and browser environments
  1236. util-deprecate:The Node.js `util.deprecate()` function with browser support
  1237. util.promisify:Polyfill/shim for util.promisify in node versions < v8
  1238. utila:notareplacementforunderscore
  1239. utils-merge:merge() utility function
  1240. uuid:RFC4122 (v1, v4, and v5) UUIDs
  1241. v8-to-istanbul:convert from v8 coverage format to istanbul’s format
  1242. validator:String validation and sanitization
  1243. vary:Manipulate the HTTP Vary header
  1244. vex-dialog:A vex plugin for drop-in alert, confirm, and prompt dialogs
  1245. vex-js:Beautiful, functional dialogs in vanilla JavaScript
  1246. w3c-hr-time:An implementation of the W3C High Resolution Time Level 2 specification.
  1247. w3c-xmlserializer:A per-spec XML serializer implementation
  1248. walker:A simple directory tree walker.
  1249. watchpack:Wrapper library for directory and file watching.
  1250. wbuf:Write buffer
  1251. web-streams-polyfill:Web Streams, based on the WHATWG spec reference implementation
  1252. web-vitals:Easily measure performance metrics in JavaScript
  1253. webidl-conversions:Implements the WebIDL algorithms for converting to and from JavaScript values
  1254. webpack-dev-middleware:A development middleware for webpack
  1255. webpack-dev-server:Serves a webpack app. Updates the browser on changes.
  1256. webpack-manifest-plugin:A Webpack Plugin for generating Asset Manifests
  1257. webpack-merge:Variant of merge that’s useful for webpack configuration
  1258. webpack-sources:Source code handling classes for webpack
  1259. webpack-subresource-integrity:Webpack plugin for enabling Subresource Integrity
  1260. webpack:Packs CommonJs/AMD modules for the browser. Allows to split your codebase into multiple bundles, whi…
  1261. websocket-driver:WebSocket protocol handler with pluggable I/O
  1262. websocket-extensions:Generic extension manager for WebSocket connections
  1263. whatwg-encoding:Decode strings according to the WHATWG Encoding Standard
  1264. whatwg-fetch:A window.fetch polyfill.
  1265. whatwg-mimetype:Parses, serializes, and manipulates MIME types, according to the WHATWG MIME Sniffing Standard
  1266. whatwg-url:An implementation of the WHATWG URL Standard’s URL API and parsing machinery
  1267. which-boxed-primitive:Which kind of boxed JS primitive is this?
  1268. which-collection:Which kind of Collection (Map, Set, WeakMap, WeakSet) is this JavaScript value? Works cross-realm, w…
  1269. which-typed-array:Which kind of Typed Array is this JavaScript value? Works cross-realm, without `instanceof`, and des…
  1270. which:Like which(1) unix command. Find the first instance of an executable in the PATH.
  1271. wide-align:A wide-character aware text alignment function for use on the console or with fixed width fonts.
  1272. wildcard:Wildcard matching tools
  1273. word-wrap:Wrap words to a specified length.
  1274. workbox-background-sync:Queues failed requests and uses the Background Sync API to replay them when the network is available
  1275. workbox-broadcast-update:A service worker helper library that uses the Broadcast Channel API to announce when a cached respon…
  1276. workbox-build:A module that integrates into your build process, helping you generate a manifest of local files tha…
  1277. workbox-cacheable-response:This library takes a Response object and determines whether it’s cacheable based on a specific confi…
  1278. workbox-core:This module is used by a number of the other Workbox modules to share common code.
  1279. workbox-expiration:A service worker helper library that expires cached responses based on age or maximum number of entr…
  1280. workbox-google-analytics:Queues failed requests and uses the Background Sync API to replay them when the network is available
  1281. workbox-navigation-preload:This library allows developers to opt-in to using Navigation Preload in their service worker.
  1282. workbox-precaching:This module efficiently precaches assets.
  1283. workbox-range-requests:This library creates a new Response, given a source Response and a Range header value.
  1284. workbox-recipes:A service worker helper library to manage common request and caching patterns
  1285. workbox-routing:A service worker helper library to route request URLs to handlers.
  1286. workbox-strategies:A service worker helper library implementing common caching strategies.
  1287. workbox-streams:A library that makes it easier to work with Streams in the browser.
  1288. workbox-sw:This module makes it easy to get started with the Workbox service worker libraries.
  1289. workbox-webpack-plugin:A plugin for your Webpack build process, helping you generate a manifest of local files that workbox…
  1290. workbox-window:Simplifies communications with Workbox packages running in the service worker
  1291. wrap-ansi:Wordwrap a string with ANSI escape codes
  1292. wrappy:Callback wrapping utility
  1293. write-file-atomic:Write files in an atomic fashion w/configurable ownership
  1294. ws:Simple to use, blazing fast and thoroughly tested websocket client and server for Node.js
  1295. xml-name-validator:Validates whether a string matches the production for an XML name or qualified name
  1296. xmlchars:Utilities for determining if characters belong to character classes defined by the XML specs.
  1297. xtend:extend like a boss
  1298. y18n:the bare-bones internationalization library used by yargs
  1299. yallist:Yet Another Linked List
  1300. yaml:JavaScript parser and stringifier for YAML
  1301. yargs-parser:the mighty option parser used by yargs
  1302. yargs:yargs the modern, pirate-themed, successor to optimist.
  1303. yocto-queue:Tiny queue data structure
  1304. z-schema:JSON schema validator
  1305. zone.js:Zones for JavaScript