TILT–Details for programmers- part 24

I have organized the About in order to show more details. See https://tiltwebapp.azurewebsites.net/AngTilt/

Zero and the most important, the date when the CI was done

First , Licences – .NET Core and Angular . Usefull to know.

Second, Info about Versions – Repo and history – UI and JSON – mostly for making managers happy .

Third, Automation – Swagger and Blockly Automation – in order for others to try how to interact.

Fourth , Info about deployment – HealthCheck and info about deployment Environment – user, environment, error – for SRE .

And to have something new, this is the map of the API’s

obtained with the NetCoreUsefullEndpoints ( https://tiltwebapp.azurewebsites.net/api/usefull/graph/text ) – and digraph rendering https://dreampuf.github.io/GraphvizOnline/

Tools Used

Visual Studio

Visual Studio Code