TILT- Docker with Ductus.FluentDocker–part 23

I have already tests with Sqlite – however, it will be better to try tests with a real SqlServer .

One of the way to have a sql server is to have docker – but how to start docker with sql server any time ?

One of answers is Ductus.FluentDocker – https://www.nuget.org/packages/Ductus.FluentDocker – and this is the code to start SqlServer:

public override void StartDatabase()
    //string guid = Guid.NewGuid().ToString("N");
    string uniqueId = Interlocked.Increment(ref uniq).ToString(); //Guid.NewGuid().ToString("N");
    container =
new Builder()
.WithName("sql" + uniqueId)
.ExposePort(1433, 1433)
.WithEnvironment("SA_PASSWORD=<YourStrong@Passw0rd>", "ACCEPT_EULA=Y")
.WaitForMessageInLog("Starting up database 'tempdb'.", TimeSpan.FromSeconds(30))

static int uniq = 0;

I needed also a Base class for consolidating code between sql server and sqlite

  1. generating DI with for both with different context

  2. The Steps are the same = so base class

  3. The tests are the same= so base class

So this is the base class:

public  abstract partial class RealDBTests: FeatureFixture
    public void Start()
    public void Stop()

    public abstract void StartDatabase();

    public abstract void StopDatabase();

    public abstract IServiceCollection AddDB( IServiceCollection sc);

    public void ConstructServiceProvider()
        serviceProvider = AddDB(new ServiceCollection())
//more DI

Also , GitHub actions supports docker – so now TILT has a complete testing also in SqlServer.

Tools used


Visual Studio