DIForFunctions – Improving constructor–part 5

I have received a suggestion : what if we just put into constructor what we need , and everything else ( such as ILogger ) are into fields ?

The Roslyn Source Code Generator will generate a constructor that calls the this constructor  and will assign fields needed.

Let’s give an example : We wrote

public partial class TestDIFunctionAdvWithConstructor2Args
        private TestDI1 NewTestDI1;

       public TestDI2 NewTestDI2 { get; set; }

       public readonly TestDI3 myTestDI3;

       private TestDIFunctionAdvWithConstructor2Args(TestDI3 test, TestDI2 a)
            myTestDI3 = test;
            NewTestDI2 = a;


and the generator will generate a new constructor with the required  field

public partial class TestDIFunctionAdvWithConstructor2Args
public TestDIFunctionAdvWithConstructor2Args  
(TestDI3 test, TestDI2 a, TestDI1 _NewTestDI1) : this (test,a)
this.NewTestDI1 = _NewTestDI1;
}//end constructor


The code is non trivial  – to find if a constructor exists, take his fields, generate new constructor with all fields.

But , as anything in IT , it is doable .