Developer choices Web => Windows application

So I have an Angular application – basically, a macro for your WebAPI – see . I want to transform into an Windows Application and have also deployed to Windows Store.

Attempt 1 : embed as a resource a .NET Core WebAPP and deploy to Windows Store. Not really –  the validation part of Store realizes this trick

Attempt2 : Electron – must rewrite window.prompt :

Attempt3 : Let’s see Blazor –  – however , it has just WPF, not UWP .

Attempt3: WebView2 – . It has an UWP. However, I realize that it does not have redirect … so routes in Angular will be difficult – if not intercepting 404 and serving the same index.html.

Attempt4: PWA : – yes, but my app it was Angular 12. Pass to 13 ( and force some unresolved dependencies ) take me the rest of the  day .

So I am at PWA now.

And Angular with is pretty impresive

What I do not have yet: ASP.NET Core downloading as Windows Store application with PWA and Controllers …