AutoActions for Skinny controllers- templating-part2

Now I want to add templates to my controller  generators . But this feature changed the whole perspective about the project. Why ? Because a template do not apply just to a field – but to the whole controller. So instead of having attributes on the field


private readonly RepositoryWF repository;

I will have attributes on the controller

[AutoActions(template = TemplateIndicator.AllPost,FieldsName =new[] { “repository” })]



public partial class WeatherForecastController : ControllerBase

I was thinking out about this modification. It is better , because now we can see also the route – if the routing is not well, the actions are not working ( if it is not a pure REST , then the route must have [action])

The code- oh, the code. It is a mostly complete refactoring of the code . The fact that I have organized into methods – processClass, processFields have make the pain less … but anyway – you will find the modifications here: .

And SCRIBAN performed well – no big problems. I have just made a template that makes the actions POST, named AllPost.

Deployed also on NuGet