BitBucket pipelines vs AzureDevOps pipelines

TL;DR; : Choose Azure – it can integrate also with BitBucket repository

For my  previous experience with AzureDevOps, please see ,

I  have had the opportunity to play with BitBucket CI this weekend. Nothing fance, just a CI + test + artifacts for a .NET solution.

Both have  yaml files for CI /CD

Both have support for Docker

However  there were some things in BitBucket that were unpleaseant

– for the artifacts in BitBucket, I cannot find how to name it differently (  ) .  For Azure DevOps, you can put a name :

– artifacts in BitBucket and a .tar and a .gs file . That means, for a regular Windows user, 2 operations to get the sources. For AzureDevops, it is zip.

– both have test concepts. However, AzureDevOps let you see the CodeCoverage and test details( see a run at ) – BitBucket  just list the number of tests passed.

– For a repository, BitBucket is giving 50 minutes per month free ( )  -that means something like 2 build per day . Azure Devops is giving 1800 minutes free