Crash Course on .NET Core 3.0

Who is addressed to

This tutorial is aimed to C# programmers with at least 6 months experience. Also , they should  have at least 6 months experience with HTML / CSS / Javascript .. This will help them to understand  .NET Core 3 and how to build applications with the .NET Core framework

The class will be taken by Andrei Ignat, former C# MVP for 6 years, moderator and OpenSource contributor( you can find his AspNetCoreImageTagHelper mentioned on ). More details at his blog at .

What it contains

Day 1

  1. .NET Core, .NET Standard, .NET Framework
  2. Some C# advanced
  3. C# 8-9 what’s new
  4. .NET Core 3 what’s new
  5. .NET Core backend – BL, DAL, Security, tests
  6. EF – console, ASP.NET Scaffolding
  7. ASP.NET Core – Heads up


Day 2

  1. Demo Why DI
  2. Anatomy of ASP.NET Core
  3. Plugin Architecture
  4. Winform / windows service / webapi
  5. Arhitectura html+webapi demo